Yes, if you are wondering whether you are misreading this. Let me tell you. You’re not. Because The Anime Basement is now rated the Top 50 Anime Blog on FEEDSPOT.

P.S. FEEDSPOT is a really great tool for bloggers in their social networking outreached. There, you can obtain the contact information of influencers from any blogging niche. And they can also help you promote your blog and website. It is just a well-rounded tool overall. And so I really recommend you to submit your own website, and start reaching out to those influencers now!!

A Story:

Let’s tell a little story about my blog. I have only been blogging since December 2019. After writing my first blog post, I continued publishing more posts. Perhaps out of passion, but more importantly, I genuinely wanted to help anime fans find their favorite shows. And that’s the overall goal of my blog, The Anime Basement.

When I first started, I had barely any readers. Barely any traffic. And barely any social media presence. The first fellow aniblogger I interacted with was Irina at I drink and watch anime, where I decided to attempt the 12 days of blogging challenge. At first, it was really difficult. I was not a fast writer, to begin with, and I really took my time in pushing out 1 post per day. I mean, it was just a lot of work: contrary to how I believed it to be at first.

However, I realized how fun blogging was, especially through readers’ comments and interactions. Seeing a simple thank you, and keep up the good work, really drive my inner motivation to continue this harsh yet rewarding journey.

My Goals For 2020!!

Having said that, receiving the spot for the Top 50 Anime Blog does not mean I will stop there. It is merely a beginning. Below, I will compile a list of my goals for 2020, and how I can further improve The Anime Basement as a versatile, and a major resource for anime fans altogether.

Write More Posts In The Manga/Gaming Category:

Though The Anime Basement has three main categories: Anime, Manga, Gaming. I have merely been focusing on Anime, and dismissing the two others. But sometimes, I really do feel I must give those categories more love and attention. And so my goal for 2020 is to really publish more Manga and Gaming posts on a weekly basis. I’m aiming for at least one in each category per week. Should be a good start don’t you think?

Interact With More Bloggers On A Daily Basis:

In regards to social networking, I really feel that I need to step up my game. This is a department that I am constantly working on, and it’s something that I need to put more time aside to do. After all, there are many blog posts from you amazing people out there that I really need to read, and catch up on. I tend to put aside some time to read my fellow anyblogger’s posts on the weekend, but I never felt I was doing enough in terms of actually engaging with the comment section, etc. Hopefully, you guys will see me more in the comment section from now on, who knows!!

Write More Ultimate’s Guide:

After writing the Visual Novels’ Guides and Otaku’s Ultimate Guide, I actually thought that Guides are indeed, quite fun to write. There is just something so mesmerizing about teaching others the knowledge that I’ve gained through my years of the anime fandom expertise. And writing super long posts in a while is not a bad thing at all. Though it does prevent me from staying on schedule sometimes. In short, I will try my best to put out more practical and helpful ultimate guides for y’all!!

Optimize The Anime Basement For Speed:

Now, let’s go to the more technical side of blogging, and that is site speed. Nowadays, the technology age has by far shortened the average person’s attention span. And to keep readers engaged, websites have to be particularly fast. Or load under 3 seconds. Truly, I am not at all proud to admit that The Anime Basement is on the slower side of the spectrum. Perhaps it’s the current theme that I’m using. Maybe it’s the number of WordPress plugins I have installed. Whatever the cause is, I am really working to have my site more optimal for both Mobile and PC readers alike.

Have FUN!!

And finally, my most important goal for 2020 is to HAVE FUN WITH BLOGGING! Blogging sometimes for me is quite overwhelming, especially the whole staying-on-schedule scheme. Though I do have a fun publishing post, there is a lot more to blogging than that. I also feel the need to promote my content on the different social media platforms, and that takes away even MORE time.

I guess sometimes, blogging feels more like a grind to me that having fun. But that’s merely the promotion aspect. What I’m trying to say is, my goal is to publish more posts all the while having fun. Which hopefully, it will balance out the overwhelming aspect of the promotion side altogether!!

Again, it is such an honor to receive such a rating on FEEDSPOT. I am now just more motivated to write even more posts on The Anime Basement. Hopefully, I can thrive even further than now!!

And that’s it from Keni today. Peace out~

An anime enthusiast who writes about things he likes