Hey everyone, Keni here~~

Merry Christmas!! It’s finally the 25th December, and I wish you all a great time with friends and family. Since it’s technically a ‘special’ day, I wanted to make a recap on everything up till now.

As a brand new blogger, I am still very inexperience and immature. When I thought of starting a blog, I was honestly expecting to put in 30 minutes per week, thinking that it was easy. My arrogance got me, as I am spending well over hours and hours every week on this blog; especially on the #12daysblogmas challenge.

However, I’ve realized. This is FUN!! To be able to discuss about anime with you awesome folks, as well as help out many people with my writing… I cannot be happy enough.

I think that the start is definitely rough for a blogger, and I am going through it in one way or another. In these time, I cherished every comments and motivation I get from other people, as well as my blogging senpai.

P.S. I would like to give my personal thanks, especially to Irina-san, for recognizing us newer bloggers on her posts.

Everyone, please enjoy your Christmas this year!

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