Do you love the idea of a survival adventure set in a world-apocalyptic era? Are you a fan of zombies, gore, and action? If so, then you are in the right place. In this article, I have here compiled the Top 7 World-Apocalyptic Manga that you must read NOW! So if you are in for a deadly, dreadful, yet thrilling adventure.

Then sit tight, because you are about to experience the best of these world-apocalyptic genres!

infection - world apocalyptic manga


Status: Ongoing
Author: Oikawaru Tooru
Genre: Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Romance, Action

Amamiya Haruki is a high schooler who loved fooling around with his group of friends. One day, Haruki’s friends locked him in a storage room, along with his crush, in the hope that they would become a couple. To Haruki’s surprise, in the storage room was a girl named Isonami Kirara he’d never met before. Haruki soon found himself in an awkward situation, and soon wishes for his friends to quickly unlock the door.

However, as the school day come close to an end, his friends would still not show up for him. Sensing something odd, Haruki and Kirara were determined to escape. After sliding through a small window, the two quickly came to a horrid realization. The entire school student body, including his friends, has all turned into the undead. Haruki then two choices to make. To give in to the horrid swarm of man-eating undead. Or to accept his new gruesome life of survival of the fittest.

For the horror fans out there, Infection will surely be your next enjoyable read. Similar to other world-apocalyptic genres, the manga’s survival aspects will definitely keep you on your feet. In addition, the highly detailed art really reinforces the gory and bloody theme of the manga. So definitely consider picking up this manga and cheer for the main protagonist as he tries his best to survive in this world apocalyptic settings.

mahou shoujo of the end - world apocalyptic manga

Mahou Shoujo Of The End

Status: Completed
Author: Sato Kentaro
Genre: Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Shounen, Supernatural, Romance

Kogami Kii is a high schooler who thinks of his life as boring and mundane. One day, as he was looking out his classroom window, he witnessed a little girl smashed the head of a PE teacher, killing him. Dazed and confused, Kogami decided to take a trip to the bathroom thinking that he was somehow hallucinating. However, the horrid events quickly unfold when he soon realized that his classmates were completely massacred by the same young girl. The question remained. Can Kogami Kii survive the gruesome era that humanity was about to go through?

Again, gore and bloody scenes are nothing new in Mahou Shoujo of the End. However, what I specifically love about the manga is its incredibly complex and well-thought-out plot. Trust me when I say this. The author is truly a great storyteller, and he does so by incorporating a variety of varieties of different elements such as time travel, and alternate dimensions. What’s more? The manga does this in such a natural way that it does not come off as unbelievable or ‘corny’. But rather made me come back for more.

highschool of the dead - world apocalyptic manga

Highschool of the Dead

Status: Ongoing
Author: Satou Daisuke
Genre: Action, Romance, Ecchi, Drama, Horror, Shounen

One day, the undead has begun to terrorize Japan. Takashi Komuro, a high-schooler who witnessed his teacher got bitten, is now scrambling to protect his childhood friend, Rei Miyamoto. Along with the precious companions Takashi met along the way, will he be able to survive the harsh apocalyptic world?

The plot of Highschool of the Dead, compared to other world-apocalyptic manga, is nothing new. The main protagonist must survive through a zombie apocalypse in order to obtain their once peaceful life. That’s as cliche as it can get. However, when considering the late plot development, as well as the spicy ecchi scenes, the series is very well worthed it. So if you love a protagonist who gets the girls, defeat the bad guys, and achieve his goals. Then Highschool of the Dead is a must-read!

attack on titan

Attack on Titan

Status: Ongoing
Author: Isayama Hajime
Genre: Action, Horror, Mystery, Shounen, Fantasy, Drama, Adventure
, Supernatural

After being driven away by colossal monsters called ‘Titans’, mankind decided to surround themselves with tall and rigid walls. For a century, these walls have successfully prevented the Titans from entering, until one fateful day. When terror struck, Eren, a young boy, was forced to witness his mother being eaten alive. There, he then vowed to become the strongest member of the Survey Corps in order to prevent such tragedy from happening once more.

Initially, the plot of Attack on Titans noticeably stood out as unique among the world-apocalyptic genres. There are no ‘cliche’ uses of the undead, and the vibe that the characters give off feels much more serious and urgent. And that’s exactly what I loved about this series.

To me, manga, where the protagonists have to deal with multiple heroines, lacks a sort of urgency within their chaotic situation. Attack on Titans, on the other hand, is all about urgency. Eren is extremely focused, and his only goal is to kill Titans. He doesn’t have time to chase after a harem, nor does he have the correct mindset for it. So for those who are looking for a more serious world apocalyptic manga, then Attack on Titan will be your best bet. Plus, it’s also really addicting!

dolly kill kill manga horror

Dolly Kill Kill

Status: Completed
Author: Kurando Yukiaki (story), Nomura Yuusuke (art)
Genre: Action, Horror

One day, the world was ruled over by mysterious dolls that suddenly appeared from the sky. Using a sort of wasp-like insect, the dolls exterminated mankind till merely 1% of the population remained –all within half a year-. Iruma Ikaruga, a former high schooler, has lost his best friends during the chaotic events. Now, he wanders around the city aimlessly for a quick way to die. Will Iruma be able to overcome his guilt? How will he be able to save his loved ones? Only time can tell!

As a world-apocalyptic manga, Dolly Kill Kill will successfully show you the dire situation that the main protagonist is in. Initially, the plot pacing could be somewhat slow. However, the manga overall vibe is incredibly serious. There are all the necessary elements for you to get excited about. From gory and graphical details to a super-powerful protagonist. The manga also includes mysterious elements as Iruma seeks out to learn more about the dolls, their objectives, and their leaders. So beware, because once you pick up this manga, you wouldn’t be able to put it down!

green worldz manga survival

Green Worldz

Status: Completed
Author: Oosama Yuusuke
Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-fi, Supernatural

In the year 2017, carnivorous plants have taken over the surface of Tokyo. Akira Urabe, a highschool student, along with the other survivors, has taken refuge underground. However, when supplies ran low, the group must once again emerge to the surface. And Akira must once against face the threat of these mysterious plant creatures!

I must say that Green Worldz is definitely one of the more unique and original world-apocalyptic manga out there. Plants taking over the world? Now that’s real original, and it managed to suck me in immediately. Later on in the story, the author also seems to explore the prospects of time travel, making the plot a much more diverse and interesting to read. So if you are looking for something more unique – something different compared to the generic zombie apocalypse settings – then Green Worldz will definitely surprise you.

gakkou gurashi zombie apocalypse manga

Gakkou Gurashi!

Status: Completed
Author: Kaihou Norimitsu (story), Chiba Sadoru (art)
Genre: Mystery, Horror, School, Slice of Life, Psychological

For some strange reason, Takeya Yuki has been in love with her school lately. From the mundane everyday classroom, to the Music Room, to the School Life Club Room. Life is fun for Yuki, and she is never once bored hanging out with her four other classmates. In fact, she never wanted to leave school, because, it has been a second home to her for a while now.

Gakkou Gurashi! is definitely an entirely different beast when it comes to ‘uniqueness’. I’m not talking about its generic Zombie Apocalyptic settings. Rather, I’m commenting on the method in which the author portrays the character’s dilemma. The sheer amount of metaphoric foreshadows, and small-casual hints given off throughout the manga were simply precise and breathtaking. And they all add up to an incredibly tense and somewhat-messed-up vibe to the story overall.

So to the fans of abstract storytelling out there, I promise. You will definitely fall in love with Gakkou Gurashi!


And that concludes the list of 7 best world-apocalyptic manga that you can start reading now. For those in love with these thrilling manga genre, hopefully, this list will give you an idea of where to start – and to provide you endless hours of thrilling entertainment! –

So for the veteran manga readers out there, what did you all think of this list?? Would you replace any series on this list with your own favorite world-apocalyptic manga? If so, feel free to share in the comment section below!!

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