Unlike the horror genre for movies, horror manga doesn’t utilize jump scares as an essential element. Rather, they prefer to illustrate gory and bloody scenes with a messed up theme/story. I have compiled a list of my top 5 most favorite – even the best – series of this genre after reading many horror manga! I hope y’all enjoy this list!

5. Kichikujima


Art: 7.5/10 – – – – – Story: 7.5/10

Manga Synopsis:

Members of the Ruins Research Society are on a special trip to look for village ruins at a deserted island. To their surprise, they found an island full of pigs that are not listed on their GPS. As the members get closer to the island, they spot a mysterious figure near a campfire. Thinking it was a person in need of rescue, one member carelessly approaches the island only to be faced with a deadly surprise.

Best Horror Manga:

Kichikujima is a survival horror genre that will enlighten fans of an island’s survival scenario, including elements such as distrust, betrayal, and more. Its gory and bloody element will definitely keep you die-hard fans of gore hooked.

4. Dead Tube


Art: 9/10 – – – – – Story: 8/10

Manga Synopsis:

A new streaming service named Dead Tube has appeared on the internet and became popular as of recent. Machiya, a member of the Film Research Club, was asked by Mashiro to film her for two days. Little did he know, Mashiro has been planning a gruesome plan…

Best Horror Manga:

Dead Tube provides its reader an incredibly dark and twisted storyline. If you are a fan of gory and sexual content, and a plot where characters become mentally unstable, then look no further than Dead Tube!

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3. Goumon Tournament


Art: 8.5/10 – – – – – Story: 8.5/10

Manga Synopsis:

One day, on the way home, high schooler Shunsuke Ohta witnessed a train accident of a man who looks exactly like him. The next day, mysteriously, Shunsuke was kidnapped and locked into a cage. There, he was forced into a gruesome torture game where the goal is to extract information from the victim. Shunsuke, in hopelessness, has no other choice but to win.

Best Horror Manga:

Compared to other horror manga on this list, Goumon Tournament is not as gory or bloody. However, the manga contained a list of common torturing methods, including more ‘unique’ and stomach-churning ones. Definitely check the manga out if you are a fan or simply want to learn more about these gruesome torturing rituals.

2. Kangoku Jikken


Art: 8/10 – – – – – Story: 9/10

Manga Synopsis:

When Aito Eyama, a victim of an endless cycle of bullying, receives a strange invitation to the “Captivity Games”. In order to participate, Eyama must choose a victim to be kept in captivity, and what could be a better choice than Aya Kirishima, the ring leaders of the bullies.

Best Horror Manga:

Kangoku Jikken does a good job of allowing its readers to empathize with the main protagonist. This manga will make be a perfect read for you if you are a fan of the themes of revenge and betrayal.

1. Fukushuu Kyoushitsu

Fukushuu Kyoushitsu manga at The Anime Basement

Art: 8.5/10 – – – – – Story: 9.5/10

Manga Synopsis:

Ayana Fujisawa, a student at the Shirasaki Middle School, was horribly bullied. However, she has had enough when she was pushed from behind onto oncoming traffic, resulting in her being hospitalized for one week straight. From that day, she vowed to take revenge on her classmates, whether it be the bullies or the bystanders.

Best Horror Manga:

If you are in it for the gore and blood, you might be disappointed. The shining point of this manga is its plot, thereby showcasing the smart and sneaky schemes that Ayana carried out in order to ruin her classmates’ lives one by one. If you are a fan of the overall themes of backstabbing, betrayal, and similar, then Fukushuu Kyoushitsu will not let you down.


Although horror manga is a genre as a whole, there are many types. Whether you a fan of gore, torture, revenge, backstabs, or betrayal, the horror manga within this particular list will provide you with all the possible satisfactions from each horror type.

So what are you waiting for? If you are an avid horror fan, start reading these manga right now!! For the more veterans readers, feel free to disagree or to add more manga to this list!!

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