Episodic manga rarely contains a developing plot. However, they often provide its readers with numerous hilarious scenarios that its characters experience. Subsequently, the pros of these types of manga are that the readers are free to skip chapters and yet still gain comedic benefits. Today, I will attempt to list the Top 10 Manga That Will Make You Laugh!

If this sounds like your cup of tea, scroll through this list and see for yourself!!

10. Mieruko-chan

mieruko-chan - top 10 funny manga list
Genre: Horror, Comedy

For some reason, Mieruko is suddenly able to see ghosts and monsters in her daily life. She tries her best to keep a poker-face at all times, preventing unnecessary suspicions from them. As a result of these hilarious encounters, the manga showcases some of the silliest and ridiculous scenarios that will make you burst out laughing. If this sounds just like your cup of tea, then consider picking up Mieruko-Chan.

9. Real mo Tamaniwa wo Tsuku

real mo tamaniwa wo tsuku - cover manga list
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Terazaki Kaoru finds himself in a big mess when he agreed to an offline meeting with a user he encountered online. Why was he panicking you might ask? Well, that was because Karou’s avatar was that of a female. Unexpectedly, Kaoru’s “guy friend” is actually a girl in disguise. The situation has reversed, and Kaoru’s life is suddenly filled with unexpected surprise that will make his heart flutter.

8. Seitokai Yakuindomo

seitokai yakuindomo - top 10 funny manga list
Genre: School, Comedy

Tsuda Takatoshi transferred to Ousai Academy, a former all-girls school that was recently converted into a co-ed. Unfortunately, his first impression of the Student Council President, Shino Amakusa, was not exactly what one may considers “perfect”. When Tsuda was offered to join the Student Council for ‘various’ reasons, he soon realizes that the Student Council was actually filled with weirdos. Though Seitokai Yakuindom may seem like an average School Life/ Romance manga, the series is filled with sex jokes and ridiculous scenarios. If you favor such humor, then this manga is the one for you!! 

7. Watamote

watamote - cover list
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

Watamote revolves around Tomoko Kuroki, an extremely socially awkward young girl who spends most of her time indulging in video games. However, similar to others, Tomoko has a secret dream. And that was to achieve the popularity rank that she has always yearned for. In fact, her efforts do seem to pay off. Well… at least in her perspective.

Although Tomoki uses hilarious ways to gain ‘popularity’, the story has occasional serious moments that overlay the themes of depression, loneliness, and suicide. For those who favor a dark-humor, Watamote will perfectly fill you in on the overall state of modern society’s Hikikomori.

6. Oniichan wa Oshimai!

oniichan wa oshimai! - top 10 funny manga list
Genre: Gender Bender, Comedy

Mahiro, a 2 years shut-in hikikomori, one day realized he has been drugged and transformed into a girl. Turns out that his little sister, Mihari, was doing a ‘tiny’ observation experiment on her former ‘onii-chan’. Now, Mahiro must live and experience his new yet exciting life as a ‘girl’. Oniichan wa Oshimai showcases readers the silly experiments that Mahiro’s sister performed on his ‘girly’ body. Surely, these moments will give you the utmost entertaining read.

5. Tomo wa Onnanoko

tomo wa onnanoko - manga cover
Genre: Romance, Comedy, School

Tomboy Aizawa Tomo finally manages to confess to her childhood friend, Jun. Unfortunately for Tomo, Jun only thinks of her as his complete ‘guy’ friend. How will she change his seemingly ‘fixed’ opinion of her boyish side? Indeed, Tomo wa Onnanoko itself is a cute and relaxing manga that demonstrates a variety of heartwarming relationships. If you are prepared to cringe your hearts out, then you might as well consider this series as your top choice.

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4. Tsurezure Children

Tsurezure Children - top 10 funny manga list
Genre: School, Romance, Comedy, Drama

Tsurezure Children revolves around the multiple relationships of different characters. Depicting the early stages of ‘young love’, the manga illustrates the silly, cute, and satisfying elements from its character’s love lives. For the rom-com fans out there, Tsurezure Children is the ultimate manga to be picked up and to begin reading right now.

3. Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid

Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid - cover
Genre: Romance, Comedy

In a certain noble mansion, there lives a Duke cursed with the ‘touch of death’. Everything he touches withers and dies. Due to those circumstances, he was forced to move out and live in solitude with his butler and a maid. However, Alice, the young maid, seems to have no fear for the young Duke as she finds the utmost joy in teasing him every day. For those who wish to seek out for a hilarious read, Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid might just be the one.

2. Danshi Koukousei no Yashinaitai Onee-san no Hanashi

Danshi Koukousei no Yashinaitai Onee-san no Hanashi -
Genre: Comedy, Romance

Soramoto quickly realized his parents have left him a large debt. Fortunately, the ‘onee-san’ neighbor next door was able to pay for his debt in full amount. Legally, this made her a legal guardian for Soramoto. However, he gradually realizes that his savior was a lunatic who constantly seeks for his companionship. Again, the manga’s silliness will keep you engaged throughout. Furthermore, for those who are looking for yet another hilarious and episode series, then look no further to this series.

1. Saeki-san wa Nemutteru

Saeki-san wa Nemutteru - funny manga top 10 list
Genre: Comedy, School, Romance

The class representative, Saeki, is not as great of a role model as everyone thinks. Using every trick in the book, Saeki does her best to sleep in class without people noticing. Indeed, no one notices. No one except for Tokimiya, a boy who sits next to her. Upon learning Saeki’s secrets, Tokimiya’s daily life began consisting of Saeki mesmerizing him through her various tactics for dozing off in class.


Evidently, these funny manga are oftentimes relaxing and laid-back for readers. Though they often lack in-depth plot development, they show some of the most ridiculous scenarios. Ultimately, what more do you need to provide you with some unbearable laughter and entertainment?

So what did you all think? Did I miss some manga that you would consider putting on this list? If so, feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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