After spending a huge amount of my time-consuming Manga, I have finally decided that it was time to expose my taste in manga. To all of you eager readers out there in search of new manga series, I have here compiled a list of must-read drama manga for you all to enjoy.

I hope you guys enjoy this list!!

10. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

kaguya-sama: love is war - drama manga recommendation

Art: 9/10

Story: 7.5/10

For those looking for a dramatic yet laid-back series, consider reading Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. In every possible way, this silly, relaxing, yet dramatic manga will not fail to entertain some of its most poker-faced readers – me included.

As the saying goes, “The One Who Falls In Love Loses”

Miyuki Shirogane, the student council president, and Kaguya Shinomiya, the student council vice-president, is well aware of this. And neither is willing to foolishly reveal their secret feelings.

This episodic rom-com, packed with intense mind games between the two love-birds, will bring you an utmost unbearably entertaining read.

9. Hare Kon.

hare kon drama manga recommendation

Art: 9/10

Story: 8/10

Imagine a scenario where you are blackmail into a marriage, only realizing later that your so-called husband already possesses 2 wives. This is exactly what happened in Kare Hon.

Koharu has no choice but to be married to a man who promises to pay up her family debts. However, she soon learned that her future-husband already possess 2 wives. Hesitantly, Koharu moved into the stranger’s home, and surprisingly enough, gradually developed feeling for her mysterious husband.

This manga is definitely unique in terms of its settings; unafraid of challenging the norm. For those looking for something a bit kinkier, or nevertheless just to past time, Kare Hon will perfectly do the job.

8. Kanojo, Okarishimasu

kanojo okarishimasu drama manga recommendation

Art: 8.5/10

Story: 8/10

For sure, we all must have heard of the infamous girlfriend rental services in the holy motherland of Japan. How about a Manga where its protagonists use such a service?

Kazuya Kinoshita, after having been dumped by his girlfriend, decided to use a Rental Girlfriend service to forget his pain. However, the girl he hired, Chizuru Mizuhara, turned out to be a 10/10 beauty. Though Rental Girlfriends’ jobs prohibited both their clients and employees from interacting with each other’s life, Kazuya found out Chizuru is actually his next-door neighbor.

Evidently, fate seemingly brings the two together as the manga unfolds into a dramatic spectacle, enough to keep you flipping the pages.

7. Citrus

citrus drama manga recommendation

Art: 8/10

Story: 8/10

Ahh, this manga really reminds me of the anime Sakura Trick, the more awkward version, well at least initially…

Citrus unfolds around Yuzu, a fashionable high school girl who ignored all rules for her rebellious Gyaru girl look. Unsurprisingly, she is stopped dead in her track by the student council president, Mei. Yuzu soon realizes that the two would be sisters. She even shared an awkward kiss with Mei.

This is a beautiful drama of a seemingly prohibited relationship. The ups and downs both characters must overcome will definitely keep you on your toes.

6. Haikyuu

haikyuu drama manga recommendation

Art: 8/10

Story: 8.5/10

For sports fans out there, especially volleyball, Haikyuu will definitely catch your attention.

The manga depicted the story of Hinata Shouyou. Being only flimsy 162cm in height, he wishes to become the ACE of the Karasuno High School volleyball team. Along with Tobio Kageyama, a talented 170cm tall setter, the two must work together to overcome difficulties and reach the top of the volleyball world.

Haikyuu selling points are its well-depicted character development. Continuously throughout the series, you as the readers will get to see the characters’ changes and improvement with one goal in mind: “To Be The Best!”

If you love such character developments where characters work their butts off for their ultimate goal, then Haikyuu definitely won’t be a disappointment.

5. Fuuka

fuuka drama manga recommendation

Art: 8.5/10

Story: 8.5/10

After Yuu’s fateful encounter with a girl named Fuuka, well… with her thinking that our protagonist was a pervert, the two quickly become close (after they make up of course).

One event leads to another, Yuu and Fuuka met with the members of their favorite band, the HedgeHog. After having a taste of the bass guitar, Yuu, along with Fuuka, decided to make their own band.

Although the initial pacing is somewhat slow, the manga tells the story of the formation of a rock band from start to finish, combined with elements from the romance and drama genre.

Fuuka is definitely worth the read, and with a sadistic author such as Seo Kouji, the manga would definitely leave you with more questions than answers (in a satisfying way).

4. Holyland

holyland drama manga recommendation

Art: 8.5/10

Story: 9/10

Holyland is the true definition of “looking for copper but found gold”.

At first glance, the art is definitely an eye-catching aspect of this series. It is one of the manga where the art is so unique that it takes time just to get used to.

Once you do get over the art, however, the story is where this manga truly shines.

Where do I really belong? What am I supposed to protect?

These are the questions that Yuu, an alienated high-school student, encountered as he street-fights through the nights of his ‘Holyland‘, in which he deems to protect.

If you are a fan of the manga where the protagonist goes through dramatic growth and changes, along with components from martial arts, you will definitely not regret picking up this series.

3. Eden no Ori

eden no ori drama manga recommendation

Art: 8/10

Story: 9/10

Eden no Ori is an extraordinary, action-packed survival manga that will instantly suck you in through its many surprises and fatal challenges that our protagonists, Akira, has to go through.

The story begins as Akira and his classmates’ plane crashes on a desert island during a field trip. With seemingly no hope of reaching home, along with his classmates, Akira must somehow survive through the island’s deadly conditions.

Right off the bat, you as the reader will be shrouded by numerous questions regarding the island’s origin. This mystery will definitely keep you flipping the pages, and if you are up for a mystery drama thriller, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Domestic na Kanojo

domestic na kanojo drama manga recommendation

Art: 9/10

Story: 9.5/10

For those of you who are serious law-abiding citizens, let me warn you!!

Domestic na Kanojo is a story about an immoral relationship between a student and his teacher. And WORST… it starts off with Natsuo, our male protagonist, losing his virginity to HER SISTER. (breathing intensifies*)

But in all seriousness, the uniqueness of the characters relationships, in addition to their erratic emotions, make this series a perfect all-in-one drama manga package.

Let me put that in simplicity stakes… The female characters are all drama-queens. And yes, if you are in need of some spice in a routinely mundane daily life, definitely give this manga a go.

1. Berserk

berserk drama manga recommendation

Art: 9.5/10

Story: 10/10

Though this might be one of the oldest manga on this list, it is still some of the best masterpieces to be created.

Berserk is not your everyday Adventure/Fantasy manga. If this manga gives you the impression of a Harem type manga with an all-happy hero vibe, then you are absolutely 100% completely WRONG!!

What?!! You thought this was KonoSuba?? Sorry, I can’t help you with that.

This manga is BRUTAL. Repeat… BRUTAL, especially in the gore department. But that’s what’s great about it, especially for a Horror fan like me, but that’s beside the point.

Berserk tells the story of a former mercenary named Guts, also famously known as the “Black Swordsman”, who’s the sole purpose of living is revenge. However, all that awaits him in the future is a series of misfortune and betrayal.

As a drama manga, its perfectly portrayed tragedies spoke for itself. Kentaro Miura really allowed you as the readers to ‘feel’ the moment rather than simply reading it. And no matter what anybody else says… read this manga and you can thanks me later!!


And there we have it, ladies and gents. This is my personal list of my top/favorite drama manga of all time. As I read even MORE manga, my list might change, but for now, here it is!!

What do you all think of this list? Was there any manga that you would definitely replace or add into this list and why?

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