Guest Posting!!

Hello everyone!! I am currently looking for bloggers to ‘guest post’ and essentially helping me content-wise on The Anime Basement. If you’re interested, stick around to learn more.

What’s In It For ME?

As you know, my anime content is not in any way lacking. However, this does not hold the same for Manga and Video Games. Therefore, I would much appreciate it if those who are interested would pitch article ideas for those categories: some examples are Manga/Video Games reviews, recommendation list, etc…

What’s In It For YOU??

Ok, now you might be wondering, what’s in it for you? Why go to all this trouble?

First, I will, of course, link back to an article in your blog (of your choosing). If none of my content works for your most favored work, I can simply put your blog links in your article and I will help you promote it.

How will I promote it? Well, have a Pinterest account that can bring in 170+ visitors every day. I also have a Facebook page which I do lots of my promotion there that brings in 1-2k visitors during a span of 5 days (typically) – and that’s IF I BOOST them – which I will. I will also mention you on my Twitter, (if you have one), though I can’t guarantee its effectiveness.

So it’s all up to you whether you decide to guest post on my blog or not to.

What Are The Procedures??

You submit a pitched article and I’m interested? Great, then what?

Well, it would be helpful (if you don’t already have a account) to simply make one.

Then from my WordPress Admin Panel, I will make a Contributor account just for you.

You go in, write your awesome article, I do some quality checks/ edits, and…

Your article will be up!! Hopefully, I am able to provide quality links, as well as traffic to your website!!

I’m in!

That’s great to hear, simply fill this form out using your:

Preferred Author Pen Name
A Legit Email
Type In “Guest Posting Request” Under The Subject Field
At Least 2 Article Pitches (Line Break In Between Each Pitch)