What Is Princess Connect! Re: Dive?

princess connect re: dive battle showcase

Princess Connect Re: Dive is a popular Gacha game currently being hosted on the DMM site. The ultimate goal of the game is to collect all the characters and level them. This concept is probably not new to many of you Gacha fans out there.

However, despite the oversaturation of such games in the market, Princess Connect remains one of the most popular downloaded PC games in DMM. Why?

princess connect! Re: Dive - worth playing in 2020 - top trending on DMM

Today, I will let you know all about the gameplay of Princess Connect Re: Dive. After this comprehensive review, perhaps you can finally decide for yourself whether Princess Connect! Re: Dive is worth playing in 2020!!

Let’s dive straight in!


princess connect main menu

First off, I would like to give a word of warnings for those who are unaware. There is currently no English translation of the game!

So you could get used to the buttons, their functionality, or you could get incredibly upset, rage, and delete the game. *chuckles

Jokes aside, you really don’t need to know Japanese in order to play this game properly. Sure, you might miss out on some of the game’s stories, but the overall gameplay experience is still very enjoyable.

battle showcase 2 princess connect re dive

Now, in Princess Connect! Re: Dive, you don’t actually get to control the characters during combat. Sure, you can still activate the character’s individual skills and such, but that’s about it.

“Wait, so you’re telling me that this incredibly boring game is top-trending on DMM?”

Yes. Because Princess Connect! Re: Dive has much more depth than its initial impression.

The actual gameplay of Princess Connect! Re: Dive consists of complex strategic aspects.

Meaning, you must know exactly what a character does – such as her class, active & passive skills, overall stats- and combine a party that would ultimately support one another.

Think of it as a chess game, where every character is a useful piece waiting for your orders on the battlefield. Ok. That might sound too grand for a cheesy Gacha game with cute anime girls. But that’s the best analogy I can give you!

You know what, let me just show you what I mean!

Here is one of my main party in the game.

princess connect re dive party setup guide
  1. Support Guard – MagicalMaho
  2. Support Guard – MagicalCal
  3. Mid-Guard – PhysicalYukari
  4. Vanguard – PhysicalTamaki
  5. Vanguard – PhysicalNozomi

In-Depth Party Analysis

Now, Tamaki & Nozomi are both my Vanguards. Meaning, they are characters who usually have a high attack value. However, there is a catch!

Nozomi is a unique vanguard with high attacks, as well as high defense. And Tamaki is a typical vanguard with extremely high attacks, but a lackluster defense. I pair them together so that one can tank the damage while both unleashing a combination of extremely high attack values.

Yukari, or number 3, is a Mid-Guard. Her job is to provide the party with Buffs and Heals. With her in the party, I can further increase my Vanguards’ POWER and ENDURANCE!

Maho and Cal, or Number 1 and 2 respectively, are Support Guards. However, their jobs are massively different from each other. I placed Cal there purely for her Attack Power –as she is currently the mage with the highest magic attacks in the game. Maho is a pure support character who provides heals and buffs to allies. Together, the support guard duo makes an invincible pair.

Back to the point.

The strategic and party-building mechanism in this game is incredibly essential for beating difficult stages and leveling up. You really must understand how your party works. And figure out which individual characters are perfect pairs for each other.

For me, that’s why Princess Connect! Re: Dive is just so fun. You get to build a combination of different parties with cute anime girls. Really, what’s better than that?

Gacha System & Characters

gacha games, gacha system, princess connect redive

Now, we’re getting to the fun part about Princess Connect! Re: Dive. And that is…

The Gacha System~!

*clapping intensifies*

Now, I have been playing the game for a while, so my memory might be a bit hazy. But if I remembered correctly, the game is extremely lenient for beginners trying to get those rare 3 stars characters.

Because when I started out, merely completing the mission stages and extra events quests, the game netted me around 5000 crystals. They also give bonus items to newer incoming players.

If we do some simple math. For 10 rolls, you need 1500 crystals. So being able to roll at least 30 times will definitely guarantee you a rare 3 star!!

Basically, what I’m saying is: You don’t have to spend a single penny in this game.

You want proof? My 44,000 crystals are ALL quest rewards.

Upgrading Characters

But seriously, don’t be tricked by the stars rarity in this game because they don’t actually correlate to the character’s strengths. Believe me when I say this

Some of the strongest characters in this game started out as a 1-2 star rarity!

That’s seriously also one of the reasons why I love Princess Connect! Re: Dive. In many Gacha games I played, low rarity characters are often-times fodder. Meaning, they are merely useful as EXP for the high rarity characters.

Not today!

In Princess Connect! Re: Dive, you can upgrade all the characters all the way to 5 stars rarity.

So don’t quickly dismiss that 1-star rarity character. If you level her properly, perhaps she will be your best bet in the next boss stage.

Fun + Extra Content

princess connect redive different new events
princess connect redive more extra content

Now, after knowing the fundamentals of how Princess Connect! Re: Dive works, you will never really run out of things to do in this game. There are just too many things to do, especially new events.

Character Leveling

Sure, you might have collected all the characters one day. But next thing you know, the game updates, and there are 3 more characters for you to get. The grind is literally endless, making Princess Connect! Re: Dive a quite lengthy and long-term investment.

And do I need to talk about leveling and upgrading the characters?

upgrading a character in princess connect re dive

Different Battle Stages

Asides from the main battle modes, there are many different battle stages in Princess Connect! Re: Dive worth noting.

princess connect re dive different battle modes

I would say these game modes are essentials for a Gacha game:

  • Search – grind for money, as well as the characters’ EXP.
  • Dungeon – diverse and difficult battle mode that lets you earn incredible rewards after completion.
  • Investigation – grind for special items in order to upgrade your characters.
  • Guild – conduct guild-related business, such as Clan Battles, Raids, etc…
  • Battle Arena – challenge other players – consider it a PvP arena!
  • Princess Arena – another PvP option. Only this time, you are using 3 different squads simultaneously. So level them all if possible!

The bottom line is… there are just too many things to do in this game. You can literally spend your entire afternoon grinding through the game stages, and that wouldn’t be enough.

Who would say no to endless hours of FUN??

Dormitory System

dormitory system in princess connect re dive
showcasing my dorm in princess connect redive

Asides from all the battles, bosses, and quests, there is one thing I love the most about Princess Connect! Re: Dive: Its dormitory system.

This is the most addictive game mode in the entire game. Well, at least for me.

There are many furniture currently featured in the game. Which gives the dormitory system an extremely high potential with seemingly no cap. You can literally turn the entire dorm into a huge statue museum.


You see, furniture currency in this game is easily obtainable by just completing the main-story stages. So after playing this game for a while, your dorm will begin to look as beautiful as mine. If not, even better.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point. >-<

Is It Worth Playing?

The short answer: Yes! Definitely.

The long answer: Definitely not if you dislike repetitive and mindless gameplay. But if you don’t mind the grind and love collecting all the characters, then definitely go for it!

Though the game was launched in 2018, or 2 years ago, there have been many merchandises and animations of the game since. What does this mean for its players?


And as someone who loves collecting anything he comes across, Princess Connect Re: Dive has definitely given me endless hours of entertainment. Hopefully, you will too!

Installation Guide

installing from dmm game player - princess c onnect worth playing 2020

So if you’re feeling lucky, consider trying out the game. There’s nothing to lose.

And if Princess Connect! Re: Dive is not your cup of tea, you can at least claim that you have indeed tried it.

The first problem with installing games from DMM, is the issue with Japan-only-region-lock. Meaning, if you don’t live in Japan, then you can’t access their merchandise.

Really, your best bet is to get a Japanese VPN service. Anything will do, you just have to connect to Japan.

Fortunately, Princess Connect! Re: Dive does not suffer this region-lock issue. But I can only speak from the NA region. If you are located somewhere else and happens to be blocked, please go ahead and install a Japan VPN.


  1. First, you must access the game page of Princess Connect! Re: Dive.
princess connect main page - woth playing 2020

2. Click on this button. It should prompt a message:

download message dmm

3. Before playing the game, you must download the DMM Game Player. You can do so by clicking the orange button.

download message dmm for dmm game player

4. Assuming you already download the DMM Game Player. Simply revisit Princess Connect! Re: Dive Page. And click on the blue button.

download message for the game

5. If you did everything correctly, DMM Game Player should open and redirect to Princess Connect! Re: Dive download panel.

installing the game message screen

6. Simply click Download, and you’re good to go.

first time launching princess connect re: dive

And just some last words before I end this article…

Have fun out there, fellow gamers!

An anime enthusiast who writes about things he likes