Nowadays, anime fans have too many options with regards to mobile games. There are many new upcoming game titles out there, and a few survive, while the rest die down with time. In this list, I will present to you anime mobile games that were able to withstand the passage of time and remain a top choice for many anime fans. So if you are running out of mobile games to pass time with, then keep scrolling. Because who knows, you might get addicted to one of the games on this list!

arknights cover anime mobile games


Released: January 16, 2020
Developer: Hypergryph
Platform: iOS, Android
Genre: RPG, Tower Defense

Arknights is a Tower Defense, RPG style mobile game that was released mere months ago. However, it is quickly garnering more attention day by day. This makes it one of the top trending anime mobile games of 2020.

There are many Characters, or Operators, to choose from this game. Similar to the other previous RPGs games, Arknight is a gacha game. However, I find the Gacha rate in this game not bad at all. The bottom line is: if you spend in those hours grinding, you would definitely gain a large collection of Operators in no time. After that, it really becomes a matter of upgrading and leveling them.

What I find fun about this game is its clever Tower Defense gameplay. Unlike other RPGs games, you simply cannot play Arknights mindlessly. Though there is indeed an option for auto-battle, it is only available for the maps you have cleared with 3 stars. And to clear the map, you really must know the roles of your operators, know where to place them, how to set up a strong defense line, etc… Once you get past this learning curve, however, the game becomes quite fun and addicting.

arknight dormitory feature

Arknights also have a Dormitory system. There, you can decorate the building, upgrade them, produce rare items, and much more. Though the grind could sometimes be mundane and repetitive, at the end of the day, looking at a beautifully decorated dorm would definitely cheer me up. Really, the rewards are very well worth it.

azur lane cover - anime mobile games to play now

Azur Lane

Released: May 25, 2017
Developer: Yongshi, Manjuu
Platform: iOS, Android
Genre: RPG, Shoot ’em up

Azur Lane is an RPG, Shoot ‘Em Up, anime mobile game developed by two Chinese developers, Yongshi and Manjuu. It was initially released in 2017. And since then has seen tremendous global success. To this day, Azur Lane is still very well worth playing, especially for the newer players.

Azur Lane, at its core, is yet another Gacha game. And out of all the Gacha style mobile games I have played, Azur Lane is the most forgiving. The Gacha drop rates in this game are extremely reasonable. There are also many missions, game stages, and events that let you consistently roll the Gacha once or twice a day. So if you wanted a more laid-back and relaxing game. Or simply just wanted to run away from Kancolle once and for all (Tanaka is kuso-teitoku), then consider switching to Azur Lane.

The battle gameplay in this game features an interesting 2D shoot ’em up style. Not only can you now dodge incoming torpedoes and bullets. You can also rain hell upon the enemy every 10 seconds or so with your ship’s special skills. Often times, your mobile screens will ultimately become a cluster of cute ship girls and fancy explosions that would inevitably satisfy your eyes nonetheless.

azur lane dormitory system

Azur Lane also has a quite elaborate and aesthetic dormitory feature. As you gain higher levels, you would be able to unlock more space, more furniture, and ultimately, more love from your cute ships. So go out there, have fun with this game, and design the best house to live alongside your ship waifus.

fgo - fate grand order - cover - anime mobile games

Fate Grand Order

Released: July 30, 2015
Developer: Delightworks
Platform: iOS, Android
Genre: RPG, Turn-Based

Fate Grand Order is a Turn-Based, JPRG games developed by Delightworks in partnership with Aniplex. The game is an adaptation from the anime series Fate/Stay Night by Type-Moon. Though this game has been around for around 5 years, it still remained as one of the most popular anime mobile game ever.

You play as a Master who summons Servants to fight for you. The game uses the classic daily AP system, or Action Points, that allows you to enter battle and events. The gameplay is simple enough. Using a formation of 3 different servants, you choose 3 different skill cards to deal damage to the opponent. Ultimately, your goal is to choose 3 cards of the same type, or the same servant In which allows an additional turn of attack.

fgo - fate grand order - gacha system

As a word of caution for the gamblers out there, this game is highly addictive, especially its Gacha system. Fate Grand Order, or FGO has one of the most brutal Gacha drop rates ever. Meaning once you are obsessed with collecting new servants, you will be so tempted to spend money on that new SSR servant. So if you do play this game, please don’t go spending $70,000 on the game!!

girls front line cover - anime mobile games

Girls Frontline

Released: May 20, 2016
Developer: MicaTeam
Platform: iOS, Android
Genre: RPG, Strategy

Girls Frontline is a Strategic RPG developed by MicaTeam in 2016. Since then, it has gained major success throughout the globe. And continues to do so. Because though it has been approximately 4 years since Girls Frontline was released, the game is still very worth playing in 2020.

First off, if you played Girls Frontline and follow closely to its story, then you will definitely not regret it. Girls Frontline boasts a great and thrilling story, and the further you get, the more complex and exciting it becomes. Similarly, the gameplay in Girls Frontline is just as complicated. Because it actually does require critical thinking, resource management skills, and luck in late-game stages.

girls front line factory / production / dolls productions

Speaking of luck, though Girl Frontline is ultimately a Gacha game, though its mechanism is a quite ‘unique’. Instead of spending money on rolls or summons, you build the characters instead. Everything is RNG, meaning luck will be your next best friend. Despite this RNG aspect, however, Girls Frontline does a great job to provide satisfaction for its F2P counterparts. This means all characters, or dolls, are farmable and obtainable within the game stages and events. And though you might have to spend a hefty amount of time into actually collecting these characters, I truly feel it is a worthy investment.

honkai impact 3 - cover - anime mobile games

Honkai Impact 3rd

Released: October 14, 2016
Developer: miHoYo
Platform: iOS, Android, PC
Genre: Action, Hack & Slash

Honkai Impact 3 is a Hack & Slash anime mobile game developed by miHoYo. Though the game has been out for approximately 4 years, it has been a tremendous global success. At least for me, Honkai Impact 3 remained one of the most addictive anime mobile games to date.

Unlike other turned-based RPG, the Hack & Slash element of the game is just somehow so extremely satisfying. Personally, I feel there are a decent amount of skills required, especially in terms of dodging enemies and reaction time. There is also a combo system, so stacking up a large number seems to be my goal every time I play this game.

But then again, Honkai Impact 3 is a clever disguise of a Gacha Game. Though there are not a lot of Valkyries you can obtain in-game, there are definitely limited and special versions of each type. Though, do keep in mind that the drop rate is again, not very lenient. However, if you invest a bit of time in this game, you could roll the Gacha many times without paying – by playing through mission stages and completing event quests.

honkai impact 3 dormitory feature

Lastly, Honkai Impact 3 also has quite an aesthetic dormitory system compared to other anime mobile games. The more hours you put in this game grinding, the more furniture you will obtain, and the better your dorm will look. You can then home your favorite Valkyrie, interact with them, and just generally have a relaxing and fun time within this mode. For some, these rewards are very well worth the hundred of hours needed to invest in this addictive anime mobile game.

epic seven - cover - anime mobile games

Epic Seven

Released: November 8, 2018
Developer: Super Creative
Platform: iOS, Android
Genre: RPG, Turn-based

Epic Seven is a turn-based, RPG anime mobile game developed by Super Creative. Since its initial release in 2018, the game has garnered quite the attention. Even going as far as to receiving dubs for multiple different languages.

The visual of Epic Seven is way above average compared to other mobile games. Everything seems well done and polished. From the animation, art, battle mechanics, to even voice acting. Though Epic Seven is not very complicated initially, as you get to harder and more difficult stages, strategy becomes an extremely important aspect of the game. You must have the correct combination of heroes, skills, and equipment. It is rather complex if you asked me.

In my opinion, Epic Seven has a rather limited Gacha system. Rather than having x10 rolls, the game only lets you roll for one per gacha. This might be disheartening for some. However, for newer players, the game does offer you 30 chances to reroll through selective summons. Which hopefully, will provide you a good headstart.

What I love about Epic Seven are the different battle modes available within the game. Aside from the Main Adventure Stages, there are Labyrinths, Spirit Altar, and Heroes Side Story. I especially loved the labyrinths mode, since it allows you to actually traverse and give you options of where to move. Therefore, you must plan accordingly to be more effective in battle. In short, there is always something to do in Epic Seven.


And that concludes the list of anime mobile games that you should be playing now. Though some of the names mentioned within this list might be quite old, they are still relevant even in 2020. So go out there, have fun with the games mentioned on this list, and let me know whether you actually like them or not.

For the more experienced mobile gamers, are you happy with this list? Would you replace any games mentioned on this list? If so, please feel free to share in the comment section below!!

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