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Nowadays, anime shows can drag on for many seasons due to their extremely complicated and long storyline. However, for those who have little time on their hands or simply love watching shorter anime shows, then you have come to the right place.

15 best slice of life manga to read

Slice of Life manga oftentimes shows the daily life activities of a character about certain topics. As a result, these manga tends to have little to none plot devices, making them seemingly plotless and plain boring.

As technology and social media continue to help change our everyday lives – for better or worse – it’s undeniable that social media has helped the human race in so many different ways. From connecting loved ones who are an ocean away to where one doesn’t even need to leave their own coach to see, to finding their soul mate.

20 best anime to watch in 2020

2020 has been a great year for anime with some of the most famous anime titles having their sequels. Likewise, there are also new anime, ranging from original series to simply amazing manga adaptations.

Ecchi anime features naughty and spicy scenes that satisfy some of the most obscure viewers' sexual fantasies. Also known as a form of fan service, ecchi anime has been around for a long time, making them an essential part of the anime community.