Betrayals in anime are oftentimes painful and often times is associated with overwhelming feelings of surprises for the viewers. In most cases, these betrayals showcase the darker sides of a character and their ulterior motive. However, some moments of anime betrayals are more surprising and brutal than others. Today, I will be going over the 13 most shocking anime betrayals that will make you go WTF! So keep on reading if you’re ready to feel betrayed.

10. Satsuki Betrays Ragyo

top 10 anime betrayals - satsuki betrays ragyo - kill la kill
Kill la Kill

Satsuki Kiryuin, the president of Honnouji Academy, also happens to be the daughter of Ragyo Kiryuin, the chairman of Honnouji Academy. Initially, Satsuki was an obedient daughter who listens to and executes Ragyo’s orders. However, when Ragyo revealed her plans to collect Life Fibers by sacrificing the city, Satsuki suddenly turns against her own mother. Teaming up with her once enemy, Ryuuko, the two were finally able to defeat Ragyo for good.

9. Villetta Nu Kills Kaname Ohgi

villetta nu kills kaname ohgi - code geass - anime betrayals
Code Geass

Villetta Nu was an elite Knightmare pilot within The Holy Britannian Empire. During her investigation of Zero, she was able to narrow her search down to Lelouch, and was incredibly close to arresting him. Unfortunately, Villetta was shot by Shirley and lost her memory as a result of the trauma. Unaware of Villetta’s true identity, Ohgi, the leader of the Eleven, took her in. The two fell in love shortly afterward with Villetta going as far as telling Ohgi that she does not mind being an Eleven. However, upon suddenly regaining her memory, Villetta was disgusted that she fell in love with an Eleven. In the end, Villetta shot Ohgi, killing him.

8. Walter Betrayed Integra

walter betrayed Integra - hellsing ultimate
Hellsing Ultimate

Walter C. Dornez was the butler of Integra, the head of the Hellsing organization. Despite his initial seemingly loyal appearance, he actually possesses extreme hatred for the Hellsing. During a battle against the British military, Walter was captured by The Captain who performed a series of experiments to strengthen his power and abilities. Through his newfound power, Walter decided to confront Alucard in a long and deadly battle.

7. Aizen Betrays Soul Society

aizen betrays soul society - bleach

Sousuke Aizen was the former captain of the 5th Division within the Gotei 13. Initially, he was shown to be a diligent man, working hard and caring for his underling. No one would have thought that Aizen was a heartless and tyrannical man. However, he soon showed his true color. With the goal of obtaining immense power, Aizen turned his back against the Shinigami, joining the Arrancars and waged a brutal war against Soul Society.

6. Kyubey’s Deception

kyubey's deception - mahou shoujo madoka magica - top 10 anime betrayals
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Kyubey was a mysterious creature who bestowed young girls’ magical powers to fight Witches and grant their wishes. Whether you wanted to be a world-class musician, athletes, or the richest person on the planet, everything was possible. Of course, for these innocent middle schoolers, Kyubey’s offer was too tempting to refuse. However, Kyubey’s true goal, which was later revealed, was to create Witches by collecting the emotional energy of magical girls, basically forcing them to die. Despite not feeling much emotion about his ‘evil’ acts, viewers are often left shocked by Kyubey’s inhumane treatment of the magical girls.

5. Moeka Kills Mayuri As SERN’s Rounders

top 10 anime betrayals - moeka kills mayuri - steins gate
Steins Gate

Moeka was a shy, anti-social woman who Okabe met coincidentally on the streets of Akihabara. Similar to Okabe, she was also searching for the IBM 5100 and the two decided to help one another. Despite finding Moeka annoying, Okabe did not exactly hated her, even going as far as making her Lab Member 005. However, once Okabe has completed the time machine, everything changes. Revealing herself as SERN’s Rounders, Moeka’s mission was to detain Okabe, Kurisu, and Daru, and kill everyone else. Of course, that means killing Mayuri.

4. Reiner And Bertholdt Betrayals

shingeki no kyojin - reiner and bertholdt betrayals - top 10 anime betrayals
Shingeki no Kyojin

Reiner and Bertholdt were loyal soldiers within The Survey Corps. Reiner was a well-respected Vice-Captain of the Warrior Unit, whereas Bertholdt was observed to be a quiet and soft person. Despite these traits, to Eren and his friends, the duo were simply irreplaceable comrades. However, during an intense battle against the Titans, Reiner and Bertholdt revealed that they were both the Colossal and Armored Titans all along. This comes as a shock and heartbreak to members of the survey corps, as well as the viewers alike.

3. Griffith Betraying Band of the Hawk

griffith betrayed band of the hawk - berserk

Griffith was the leader of the Band of the Hawk, a mercenary group recruited to fight significant battles within the Hundred-Year War. Unfortunately, due to an affair with the princess, Griffith was imprisoned and tortured through inhumane methods. Without Griffith, the Band of the Hawk was in chaos. As a result, they gathered up and were determined to rescue their leader. However, upon reaching Griffith, the mercenaries realized he was no longer the leader they once knew. What’s worst, Griffith even goes as far as to betray the Band of the Hawk, using his Crimson Behelit to sacrifice his underlings so he can be reborn as the God Hand, Femto. In the end, Griffith’s thirst for power got the better of him.

2. Rachel Pushes Baam Off

rache pushes baam off - kami no tou - tower of god - top 10 anime betrayals
Kami no Tou

To Baam, Rachel was like a mother figure. He wanted to share everything with her, his dreams, desires, and even his love. Therefore, when Rachel left him in order to climb the tower, he followed suit with the goal of being by her side forever. However, contrary to Baam’s belief, their feelings were not mutual. What Rachel ultimately kept hidden from Baam was feelings of envy and hatred. This was clearly shown during their final test to climb the Tower when Rachel pushes Baam off the ledge and to his death.

1. Itachi Killed His Entire Clan

itachi kills his entire clan - naruto - top 10 anime betrayals

In Naruto, the Uchiha and the Leaf Village were always on bad terms. One day, the Uchiha planned a coup against the Third Hokage at the time and overthrow the government. If their plan were successful, a civil war would have broken out, resulted in many deaths and casualties. Therefore, under the order of Danzo, Itachi was forced to make a decision: whether to let his entire Uchiha clan dies, or massacre his own clan in order to save himself and his little brother, Sasuke. Of course, Itachi chose the latter and executed his entire clan.


And that concludes 10 of the most shocking anime betrayals that viewers has ever been presented with. Each one of these moments has caused some sort of viral reactions within the anime community, resulting in feelings of betrayals, anger, and ultimately, grief. It is hard to see your favorite characters committing atrocious acts against their own kind, and even more so when you fell for their initial innocent act.

So what did you think of this list? Were there any more questionable anime betrayals that made you felt betrayed, angry, and upset? If so, feel free to share you thoughts in the comment section below!!

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