Genre: Action, Mystery, Sci-fi

Season: Fall 2019

Episodes: 8

Score: 7.5/10

Psycho Pass has finally returned, not in the form of a movie, but in the form of eight 40 minutes episodes. Though the long-awaited hype has died down following its previous seasons, the release of Psycho Pass 3 signifies a brand new chapter of the story.

Psycho pass 3 is set in the post-events of its previous seasons, where two new inspectors, Arata Shindo and Ignotov Kei, joins the Public Safety Bureau. Having recently established their position, the two inspectors is soon faced with numerous strange terrorist cases that seemingly link together. Kei and Arata must work together to utilize ‘mental trace’ and reveal the true mastermind of these cases.

In terms of character development, Psycho Pass 3 only gives its viewers a tiny portion of the main character’s background. Inspector Arata, though he is presented as an extremely smart and quick witted individual, his background is shrouded in complete mystery: Who is the mysterious figure in Arata’s Mental Trace state? What did Arata father really do? There are so many questions, yet little answers about Arata, his background, as well as his father’s link to to Bifrost.

In addition, although Kei is indeed a main character, I feel he is somewhat a shallow character, or I should say under-represented throughout the anime. We know that he is an immigrant inspector whose is rather skilled in martial arts. We also know that between Kei and Arata is a a history of events leading to the death of both their family members. However, other than that, it feels as if the show focus more on Arata’s background and objectives rather than Kei himself.

Evidently, though the third season may introduce many new characters, as well as 2 main protagonist, in all honesty, we as the audience know too little. However, I myself find these mysteries quite intriguing; as if the show drop its occasional hints on purpose, encouraging you as the viewer to play along with its detective game.

Talk about ‘detective game’, Is it me or the entire plot of Psycho Pass 3 is, again, also shrouded in mystery? Heck, the entire plot development of Psycho Pass 3 itself is a cliff hanger. Truly, Psycho-pass third season simply feels like an introduction to something much bigger…

The plot was never explained in much depth: we as the audience only know that the cases investigated by Arata and Kei is linked to Bifrost and that they seem to be playing a game of some sort. Psycho-pass 3 truly set the stage for an upcoming season, and these missing content and questions will hopefully be fulfilled by Spring 2020.

Aside from plot and character development, the art of Psycho-pass 3 perfectly illustrates the sci-fi and futuristic vibe of the show. This is especially true in the scene of a Bifrost meeting; where the hologram animations, as well as its overall art, is extremely smooth and believable. Evidently, the show truly delivers a unique artistic ‘feel’ that you as the viewer will definitely not be disappointed.


So what did you guys think of Psycho Pass season 3. Were you guys as confused, yet as immersed to the show as I was? Or maybe everything is clear to you, and you are some kind of 200IQ genius? Leave your thoughts below!!

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