You see, recently, I have been thinking about giving my Otaku friends gifts for all the times they have successfully managed to annoy me. However, I was always contemplating what would be a perfect anime gift.

An anime Blu-Ray? A new JRPG? Anime Figures? I mean, there are so many options. However, I found most of these options lacked a certain degree of sentimental meaning behind them. I might as well give them money to pick a present for themselves.

But then I found Saiyan Yourself

Now, what is Saiyan Yourself, you might ask?

If you don’t know about these guys, they are a group of amazing artists who can transform any portrait or images of you, your friends, and families into Dragon Ball characters.

Heck, they can even draw your pets.

When I first found out about them, I was overjoyed. You see, for me, an Otaku, the 3D world was never enticing in any way. So I thought, why not convert all of my 3D memories into 2D?

At Saiyan Yourself, there is a wide variety of options you can choose to customize your own anime portrait. From any background of your choice to a specific pose or clothing, the canvas is yours to customize.

You can say I was tempted to give them a try, and the result I got was more than satisfying.

Saiyan Yourself - Dragon Ball Portrait
Me In Dragon-Ball Style

Not only do they have amazing art, but they were also particularly helpful in solving any of my questions and concerns.

So if you have been meaning to give your Otaku friends a gift of some sort, head out to Saiyan Yourself and give them a try.

Also, check out their amazing gallery at @Saiyan_Yourself

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