Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Shounen

Season: Spring 2020

Episodes: 12

Score: 9/10

Review Overview:

kakushigoto anime wallpaper - kakushigoto review

Kakushi Gotou is a moderately famous mangaka who, due to various reasons, decides to hide his job from his daughter, Hime. As the family goes about their day, Gotou must constantly be on the lookout for Hime in fear of her learning of the truth. Ultimately, Gotou’s fear brings about ridiculous situations within their everyday lives. Kakushigoto Synopsis

Plot Overview:

Often times, the plot-less aspect of a slice of life anime makes them incredibly boring. At least, that’s what I think. With the only exception of Violet Evergarden, I have yet to found another slice of life anime as sentimental and engaging. Yes, until I finished watching Kakushigoto.

Before going into in-depth details of Kakushigoto, I would like to point out and comment on the casts. I dived into Kakushigoto completely blind and oblivious to its plot. Therefore, I was surprised when I get to revisit the hero of the Monogatari series, Hiroshi Kamiya himself. This made me a tad bit more excited, and of course, my expectations were fulfilled. Kakushigoto’s storytelling method was quite similar to Monogatari’s in some ways, especially with its episodic scenarios. In one way or another, I knew I was up for an amazing journey because evidently, Kakushigoto was truly a different and distinct anime of its own.

A Wholesome Adventure:

Let’s first discuss Kakushigoto’s clever execution of character development. Within the first 18 minutes segment or so, the anime is 100% episodic – a slice of life – comedy. However, in the last few minutes of Kakushigoto, you get to see a dark-mood foreshadowing of future events. I must say, this story-telling method makes the series all the more interesting. You can’t help but keep wanting to come back for more. Additionally, this format is especially great for character development as each time, these events show the character’s past, as well as the character’s thoughts themselves.

Throughout Kakushigoto, I found myself all emotional and touched by the love between Gotou and Hime. The settings of a single dad trying his best for his only beloved daughter is, somehow, too cute. Additionally, Hime’s love and compassion for her hard-working father simply melts my heart.

kakushigoto review - hime and puppies
Hime really wanted a puppy, but is extremely concerned about the workload placed upon Gotou

How should I describe it… The overall tone of the anime is amazingly cute, in a puppy way. And through their daily life, I can’t help but wish to protect their happiness at all costs. I think all these emotions equate to a sign of great storytelling. Good job Kouji Kumeta sensei!!

kakushigoto review - hime sad
Also, I love how Hime gets sad yet still listen to Gotou here (birthday party)

One more thing I would love to point out about Hime is her maturity considering her age. Compared to the common trope of spoiled 10 years old brats who whine all day, Hime is the complete opposite. She is considerate towards people around her, especially Gotou, and is constantly worried about him. It’s a shame she did not dig deep into Gotou’s real job, but then again, Hime was merely 10 years old at the time.

Satisfying End:

kakushigoto Hime crying - anime review

Fast forwards near the end, I thought that overall, Kakushigoto’s ending was actually quite decent – I was truly satisfied with exceptions here and there. The foreshadow did successfully messed me up a bit, and I was sad for a bit thinking that Gotou was dead, and Hime was now alone with no one to care for. However, when I learnt that I was wrong, I couldn’t be more happier, but at the same time, a bit disappointed.

Yes, the amnesia part, or should I call it living in the moment twist, was cliche. Not enough to be called bad though. What I was a tad bit disappointed with was Hime’s lack of character development in the earlier segments of the show. I talked about this before in my Steins Gate review, but an amazing climax very much depends on the anime’s initial framework. Sadly, Kakushigoto’s ending came a bit short.

Throughout the show, I have noticed that despite Hime’s overall screen time, Gotou was the character I learnt about the most. I mean, most of the show was narrated from his perspective – sort of. However, Hime was always the quiet character. A mysterious 10 years old girl. That was exactly who she was. I could somewhat guessed that she was a bit curious as to what her dad’s real job was. However, such was all guesswork.

Sure, Kakushigoto does, later on, give you a preview into her character, but that was practically near the ending of the show. Despite all the drama and scenarios that both daughter and father went through, Hime’s character development came much later. To me, Hime’s purpose is to merely support Gotou’s ideals of a happy family. Ultimately, we get to learn a lot about Gotou, but not much about Hime herself. Therefore, when those climactic moments came, I truly felt that the execution was weak. Because the feels never came.


However, despite my harsh critics for the seemingly weak ending to Kakushigoto, overall, the anime was an amazing adventure I would never forget. I loved every moment of the anime. The cute moments, sad moments, dark and depressed moments. Everything! Ultimately, Kakushigoto taught me a bit about what it meant to build and sustain a family of your own. As a concluding note, everyone who reads my review should definitely give the anime a try. Despite not having a strong plot, and despite the slice of life episodic nature, Kakushigoto will fill you with wholesome and happiness. So if you’re ready to get your heart melted to pieces, consider giving the anime a try – even if you hate slice of life.

For those who have watched and completed Kakushigoto, I would love to hear your personal review on it. Therefore, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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