Genre: Adventure, Sci-fi, Shounen

Season: Summer 2019

Episodes: 24

Score: 8/10

Review Overview:

After finishing Dr. Stone, I can confidently say that it was the best anime series I have ever watched for the Summer 2019 season. The theme revolved around building up 200 decades of civilization from scratch. In addition to the precise and accurate scientific knowledge throughout the show, it also showcased an exhilarating adventure from beginning to end. Ultimately, Dr. Stone is yet another Isekai in its glorious disguise as a scientific anime.

Plot Overview:

Waking from a 3000 years petrification, Ishigami Senku found himself at odds when civilization has ceased to exist. All that remained were forests and mountains looming over the remnants of past humans, the petrified statues. Despite the initial shock, Senku, with a strong desire to rebuild civilization’s scientific achievements, begun an exhilarating adventure of friendships, war, along with his goal of building the Nation of Science.

After having revived Taiju, Yuzuriha, and Tsukasa, Senku quickly realized the one foe that would stop his aspirations dead on its track., Yes, it was indeed the ‘Strongest High School Primate’, Tsukasa. With a desire to kill off the past generations due to their corrupt nature, Tsukasa and Senku quickly found themselves at odds. The question remained. How will Senku’s Kingdom of Science outrace Tsukasa’s Empire of Might?

Does The Kingdom Of Science Have A Chance??

Dr. Stone Anime Review - Record Holder

Record Holder

Character Development:

Ishigami Senku was an all-too-smart individual who had seemingly supernatural powers in terms of Scientific Knowledge. For someone who stayed conscious throughout 3700 years of petrification, Senku was extremely on-alert at his surroundings. Indeed, his broad scientifical knowledge made Senku a perfectly suitable leader for the Kingdom of Nation. Along with a unique catchphrase, an over-the-top and exaggerated personality, Ishigami Senku was truly an out-of-place yet lovable character.

Dr. Stone Anime Review - Ishigami Senkuu

I Am Ten Billion Percent Sure!!

Dr. Stone Anime Review - Taiju, Yuzuriha, Tsukasa, Ishigami Senkuu

Although Taiju screen time was cut short throughout Dr. Stone, along with Yuzuriha, the first season of Dr. Stone perfectly set them up for its upcoming season. Though Taiju was a muscle-head whose Brain Power was severely undeveloped compared to Senku, he demonstrated great compassion and care towards his friends.

Then came Tsukasa, the powerful leader of the Empire of Might who sees the older generations as a threat to his Utopian Society; which soon became a threat to Senku’s very own Kingdom of Science. Similar to Senku, if not for his broad knowledge in science, Tsukasa might be as intelligent. Being able to read Senku like an open book was no easy task, and yet, Tsukasa was able to do just that. He truly is a formidable opponent!!

Dr. Stone Anime Review - Tsukasa

Chrome, a descendant of past humans might as well be the ultimate reincarnation of Senku. Similar to the mad scientist, Chrome has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge as he showed tremendous curiosity towards the most trivial things. Throughout Dr. Stone, having experienced the thrill of Senku’s scientific inventions, Chrome finally agreed to serve Senku as his right-handed man; in order to cure Ruri, as well as experiencing the magnificent wonders taken from Senku’s 200 decades of scientific inventions.

Dr. Stone Anime Review - Chrome

Favorite Moments:

There are few ‘sentimental’ moments in Dr. Stone that I thought was worth the mention since they made me tear up a bit for some unknown reason.

One such moment was when Suika finally received the Science ‘Glasses’ from Senku and was able to see clearly for the first time.

The second was when Chrome and Senkuu reinforced to Old Man Kaseki that they were the crafting partners that Kaseki always yearned for.


Though overall, Dr. Stone was an addictive show that successfully engaged its viewers until the final episodes, there were definitely cringe moments due to its sheer ridiculous and exaggerated details.

Such was during the duel between Chrome and Magma. It was such a ridiculous sight, seeing Chrome holding Suika’s helmet and Magma staying still for a SOLID MINUTE!! The details were simply too exaggerated, and ultimately, was simply made not-to-be believable…

In addition, during the Empire of Might’s first wave of attacks, the ridiculousness and lag time between the actual gun-powder preparation, in addition to Magma-somehow-perfect-timing, proved the scene IMPOSSIBLE from my perspective. In the first place, how did Hyoga not see the preparation coming in the first place?? Everything is a mystery…


All in all, despite these critics, Dr. Stone was genuinely exhilarating throughout. Having seen the amazing advancements of Senkuu and his Kingdom of Science, I felt the anime has taught me a thing or two about science: I can only be simultaneously excited and satisfied.

If you have not watched the anime, do yourself a favor and start NOW!! And for those who have watched this amazing anime, what did you think? Did it deserve the rating it received here? Why or why not? Feel free to share in the comment section below!!

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