Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance

Season: Summer 2019

Episodes: 12

Score: 7/10

After a successful release of the first season of Dungeon ni Deai, season 2 has finally been released. Although there are newer plot development as well introductions to newer characters, the second season of Dungeon ni Deai is, in its simplest form, a sequel to its first season.

The plot for Dungeon ni Deai involves 2 arcs from its light novel adaptation. In the first arc, Apollo suddenly showed interest in bell. His desires to steal Bell from Hestia resulted in the war game between the Apollo and the Hestia family.

In the second arc, Bell is caught into the big secret of the pleasure district of Orario as he met Haruhime, a Reynard and a prostitute of the Ishtar family. Bell, along with fellows of the Hestia family, must reveal the hidden truth about the Ishtar family in order to save Haruhime from her unfortunate fate.

Although the plot development of Dungeon ni Deai season two is simply straightforward with little to no twists, its action-packed adventure is enough to keep its viewers on their feet. In all seriousness, Dungeon ni Deai II is Sword Art Online with more depicted realism, especially the BLOOD. While Bell might not be an overpowered character similar to Kirito, the anime does a great job in giving its audience a similar satisfying vibe as Bell slashes down powerful enemies to save the heroines.

However, despite such an action-packed adventure, at the end of the day, I can’t help but feel there are many things wrong with its plot and character development, especially in the second season. Bell’s strong motive to save Haruhime after seeing her for the first time is simply cliche and unbelievable story-wise.

Although Bell did hesitate due to the fear of damaging the relationships between the Hestia and Ishtar family which can potentially result in a war, again he puts Haruhime as top priority. Sacrificing yourself and your own Goddess for a new acquaintance is simply unbelievable. This make the plot to Dungeon II simply cliche and weak as it currently stand. Now, while some might argue that it is to make the plot more interesting, however this is simply lazy work from the production side, or the author, to make the plot more believable as it is currently.

Hestia’s love for Bell is also a controversial topic for the second season of Dungeon. Having watched the first season, I can definitely say that Hestia come on Bell much more aggressive than previously: there is one entire episode dedicated to showcasing her seemingly one-sided love.

Again, while Hestia may be the Goddess guardian in charge of Bell, I feel that rather than genuine, her overwhelming love for Bell is an unnecessary way to implement fan service within the show. Big boobs and twin-tails are common theme within the anime community, and Hestia defines such characteristics in every Goddess way. Personally, I feel it will be much better if Hestia’s love for Bell was simply admiration and nothing more, but that wouldn’t be fun for everyone would it?


However, despite all these cliche and unbelievable aspect of the show, Dungeon II did not fail to keep my attention until the end. The animation of the show is strangely satisfying, especially during intense fighting scenes. Perhaps I can say that satisfying feeling of realizing how strong Bell has become keep me in the race for a third season of this show. Although I have yet to find a fight that out-compete with the Minotaur fight in Season 1, I am hopeful for this series upcoming releases.

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