Genre: Drama, Music, Sci-Fi

Season: Spring 2019

Episodes: 24

Score: 8.5/10

Review Overview:

Finishing Carole & Tuesday, I could only honestly say that I was thoroughly impressed with the overall execution of the show. There were many moments where the show simply rendered me speechless, and to this day, there were very little shows that could have done that. On paper, Carole & Tuesday is a music anime. In reality, it exceeds every single one of my expectations in regards to musical performances. Truly, out of all the musical anime I have watched thus far, Carole & Tuesday was probably the most special one.

Plot Overview:

carole & tuesday review

Tuesday, a young aspiring musician, ran away from home in order to achieve her dreams. She traveled to Alba City, the city of hope, in order to make a name for herself. There, she met a talented young singer named Carole. Like fate, the two quickly become close friends. With Carole’s keyboard and Tuesday’s guitar, the two girls vowed to become the next top-selling artist on Mars.

Although the plot of Carole & Tuesday does not contain complex and cunning plot twists, its story explored social-justice themes that are extremely significant. And as the story progresses, a more in-depth plot progression gradually layers over it. What I love about the anime is how smoothly its story progress from a journey of self-growth, to a meaningful political revolution.

Carole & Tuesday explored themes that other anime rarely mentions – mainly social-justice issues within our society. The anime showcased the political tension between Eartherners and Martians. Ironically, though Eartherners established the Martians colony, they were treated as outcasts and were deported out of the planet.

These scenarios very much reminded me of the issues with racial justice that we have today. If one somehow does not belong in a culture, then they are treated as the outcasts of society. Similarly, Valerie’s new presidential policy was the same as Trump’s. And that definitely stirred some controversies and major conflicts among the people.

The Artistic Duo:

Initially, Tuesday was a weak and sheltered girl who could only listen to the demands of her parents. When the duo begins picking up in popularity, she refused to show her face in front of the camera. Her fear of getting scolded by her mother, Valerie, was at all times high. However, as the story progress, Tuesday started accepting those rejections. She realized the time spent with Carole was not all for naught. She realized the loves singing, playing the guitar, and writing songs, more than anything. And near the end, Tuesday has truly grown into an independent and strong-willed artist.

Speaking of Carole, I felt the need to state that she is not the most dynamic main character out there. Her views about music, politics, and the world, in general, have already been ingrained in her soul within the first episode. Interestingly enough, despite the lack of character-growth for Carole, the anime boast a hefty amount of backstory for the young artist. We know that she was an orphan from Earth. And we also knew how Carole was separated from her parents. And that reunion moment was showcased through a genuinely sweet and sentimental episode!

carole's father conflict scene

In addition, the anime also foreshadowed what-seemed-to-be a sweet and artistic relationship between her and Ezekiel. In all seriousness, these two are way too cute!

The Pitiful Antagonist:

Now, let’s talk a bit about Angela. Because she is definitely of the more multi-dimensional character within the show.

You see, I can almost relate to how Angela felt about being forced into this whole top-selling-artist scheme by her mother, Dahlia. After all, who doesn’t want their kids to become successful in completing their unfinished dreams? However, for Angela, this proved a bit too much. Throughout the show, Angela’s passive-aggressiveness really was a disguise for her cries of despair. She was always suffering from the inside, which compelled her to feel the need to vent her inner frustrations to others.

If you could look past and beyond Angela’s fake persona and coping mechanism, then what left is a mere kind and loving child who deserved more love from others. Not love from popularity and fame, but rather a motherly-figure-love. And when Dahlia was unable to provide those emotions, Angela ultimately broke.


I don’t know how redundant this statement would be, but I will repeat it as many times as needed. I have never heard excellent musical performances in an anime like in Carole & Tuesday. To me, their music is unique to the point that it gave me massive goosebumps the first time it hit me. I mean, I never expected their entire playlists to be written in English, and performed in a Western-style. Everything is just delivered through such a huge variety of music genres. Perhaps I am more surprised than impressed, but let’s just leave it at that.

My favorite track had to be Loneliest Girl. This is the song that Carole & Tuesday first composed together. And even though I did not compose this with them, the song still gives me an initial nostalgia.

My second all-time favorite song from Carole & Tuesday must be Move Mountain by Angela. Her voice was just simply mesmerizing in this particular performance. I especially loved how the singers in this piece pronounced the lyrics. Her vowel choices were definitely on-point.

Favorite Moments:

One of my favorite moments in Carole & Tuesday is when the duo performed Loneliest Girl during the Talent Show. Despite being disqualified, the two young girls still sang their hearts out. And such moments hit me straight in the feels.

And lastly, though this might be cliche, my one other favorite moment is the so-called 7-minutes-of-miracles. Just seeing all musicians unite together to fight for the same cause. I don’t know. There’s something just really satisfying about that. And it wraps up the anime quite nicely.


Now, I usually don’t have a problem with Talent Shows in general. However, there was one particular moment in Carole & Tuesday that I thought was somewhat unrealistic and outright unbelievable. Such was the unjust disqualification of OG Bulldog. Sure, he might have lied about being a gangster and dealing drugs. But the man did put on a truly impressive and surprising performance. Or at least, in my opinion, much better than Carole & Tuesday.

And he was still disqualified. Moments like these made me rethink the credibility of Carole & Tuesday’s plot. Everything here just seemed so forced. So unprepared. Definitely not one of my most favorite scenes within the show!


Despite these critics of mine, overall, Carole & Tuesday was truly a solid watch. I enjoyed every single second of the show, especially the music performances. There is such a large variety of genres delivered throughout the show: techno, EDM, R&B, Pop… you name it.

Carole & Tuesday’s character development was also quite in-depth; as the main characters were provided a convincing and multi-dimensional backstory. In truth, I was incredibly satisfied. Because the anime showcased all the necessary elements for a music anime like Carole & Tuesday to become a major success.

And for those who have watched the show, what did you think of it? What was your favorite moment within the show? Feel free to share in the comment section below!!

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