Carole & Tuesday Overview

Initially, I never planned on watching Carole & Tuesday. It’s the judge-a-book-by-its-cover type of thing. And the anime also never struck me as attractive. However, I watched it anyway… Partially because I was bored. But mainly, I felt that I needed more music anime after the fabulous seasons of Kono no Oto Tomare.

A note to everyone!! I have not finished the anime. However, as the title suggested. Today, I will share my thoughts on Carole & Tuesday after finishing its first half. I just have to do this. The anime is just too compelling NOT TO.


Let’s first simplify the plot. Immediately, there’s Tuesday, a musician who runs away from home to pursue her dreams. She ventures to Alba City, the city of ‘opportunities’. There, Tuesday encountered Carole street-performing by a bridge. BOOM! They hit it off and make it big… Or so it seems.

Sure! The plot of the anime is definitely not the most original. And certainly, it is nowhere near ‘unique’. So then, why on earth am I so compelled to write about such a seemingly generic anime?

It’s the MUSIC!!

Carole & Tuesday (impressions) - It's the music - after 12 episodes
Carole & Tuesday

Perhaps I have not watched enough anime. But Carole & Tuesday featured some of the best musical performances I have ever heard in an anime. Seriously, how do I even start to analyze those breathtaking vocals lines?

I never would have expected their songs to be entirely performed in the Western-style. When I heard Loneliest Girl for the first time, it gave me a massive goosebump. Their voices were just simply amazing and mixes perfectly with the song’s style.

Then comes the other characters, mainly Angela. In fact, her voice was just as impactful as Carole & Tuesday. During the talent show, there were instances where Angela’s voice and song choices even outmatch the duo!! I still don’t understand why Tao, her producer, showed dissatisfaction with this girl… She’s basically a prodigy.

Sadly, I felt as if the anime tried too hard to make her Angela the evil villain. Sure, her attitude toward the duo was not the most friendly. However, deep down, she is a weak and compassionate girl who cared for the people around her. After all, Angela was merely living her life to fulfill her mother’s dream. And the pressure probably got to her.

Angela and Dahlia (impressions) -the pressured daughter - after 12 episodes
Angela and Dahlia

Carole & Tuesday Plothole

Okay. Just because I praised one aspect of an anime doesn’t mean it’s completely perfect. Carole & Tuesday is one of those anime that started off really strong. However, as time goes on, the plot started breaking down. Ultimately, there was one instance where the scene was simply ridiculous. Or, even downright unbelievable!

Such was the scene when Carole & Tuesday won against OG Bulldog… Ok, I get it. The man lied about his gangster, drug-dealing past. Hence, he was disqualified, and the duo was able to make it to the finals. But then… everything just seemed so forced, even though the facts proved otherwise.

Part of the problem, I feel, was just due to their incredibly ‘weak’ and ‘unconvincing’ performance… Now, I know Tuesday was injured and all that. However, I was still tremendously disappointed. It really goes to show how important the guitar was to the duo’s sound and image.

OG Bulldog (impressions) - the disqualified - after 12 episodes
OG Bulldog

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Carole & Tuesday captivated me to its finest. Its plot was indeed generic. Yet it was executed so flawlessly through the amazing performances. Not only that, but the anime also surprised me by its consideration towards the Western audiences. Sure, there were some unbelievable instances that made the overall plot development somewhat shaky. However, we all know that Carole & Tuesday have more goods than bad. And what could be better news for its potential viewers?

That will be it for today. I guess I will just go back and finish this amazing anime. Till then!!

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