Veteran Otakus nowadays are a rare breed. This is especially true within the constantly changing anime community. If you have been watching anime for five years or more, rejoice, because you are now considered a Veteran Otaku. Below, I have compiled the list of 5 Things Only Veteran Otakus Would Understand. So if you are a veteran otaku yourself, see if you can truly relate to this list!!

You Have A Great Taste

anime thumbs up - 5 things only veteran otakus would understand - you have great taste

After watching anime for years on end, you have finally developed your own unique taste for anime. You know exactly your favorite genre, your own niche anime tropes, and more importantly, your dislikes.

Furthermore, you have a strong and unbiased opinion on your favorite shows. And regardless of how much salt people throw at you, you stand firm and fight for what you enjoy.

For others, your taste in anime might be questionable. But you know for a fact that anime is subjective, and that you have a great taste in anime!

You No Longer Anticipate

saitama - one punch man - you no longer anticipate

Anticipation is great. But for you veteran Otaku, this is no longer the case.

You tread cliffhangers like no tomorrow. And those weekly episodes that used to get you hyped up every week? Yes, you reassured yourself that they will be aired the upcoming week and that everything is under your control.

Furthermore, you have already read the manga, so there’s no point losing sleep over it.

Masterpieces Are Rare

5 things that only veteran otakus would understand

As a veteran Otaku, the fresh and new anime content is no longer there. And after a while, you gradually realize that all anime becomes the same.

The anime you rated a 10 on MAL becomes your basis for a masterpiece. And more often than not, you are left disappointed after watching an anime that others define as a Masterpiece.

You are stuck in a vicious cycle of looking for that one masterpiece anime that will give you the Nostalgic feel years ago. So far, your chances are slim, but nevertheless, you continue to try because it’s now a part of your daily life.

Anime Is Part Of The Daily Norm

lucky star - anime - anime is part of daily life

Speaking of daily life, for you, anime has become a part of the daily norm. No matter your reason, you are, indeed, watching and breathing anime.

If you’re not watching, you are browsing something related to anime. And even if you’re not browsing anime, your surroundings are choke-full of anime images and merch – ranging from your desktop wallpaper, room posters to even your mug.

So even if you are not watching anime, you are constantly reminded of anime. You watch, live, and essentially, breathe the life of anime.

And at the end of the day, you simply remind yourself that anime is an awesome part of your daily life.

You Are A Great Mentor

you are a great mentor - koro sensei - 5 things only veteran otaku would understand

As a Veteran Otaku, not only do you watch and appreciate anime, you are also a great mentor.

A friend wanted some anime recommendations? You send them your entire MAL list, analyzing every single anime on that list.

A friend asked you about an anime? You try your best to explain the anime in the most interesting way possible without giving away spoilers. And in the end, they get hooked!

You are a great anime resource for your friends, and you know how to use those resources to convert your fellow’s normies to Otakus. You, if I must say so myself, are a great mentor.


And that concludes the 5 things that only Veteran Otakus would understand. If you see yourself in at least 3 of these items on this list, you should be proud of yourself. It’s not easy being an old-timer within the constantly changing anime community. But just know that, if you are, you are truly a rare breed and deserve more recognition than you already have!!

So for those Veteran Otakus, do you have anything you would put on this list?? If there’s something that you can relate to, feel free to share them in the comment section below!!

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