Kanojo Okarishimasu, also known as Rent-a- Girlfriend, is a Summer 2020 anime revolves around the story of a lonely boy who fell in love with a rental girlfriend. Chizuru Mizuhara, the main heroine of the show, is arguably the best girl of the entire series according to many anime fans. Therefore, whether you are not yet converted or is a loyal subject, today, I will be giving you 5 reasons as to why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Best Girl!

5. Chizuru Mizuhara Is Hard Working

Chizuru Mizuhara best girl - Chizuhara glasses

There is nothing more difficult than juggling acting schools and maintaining a part-time job as a 5-star rental girlfriend. However, with much dedication and ambitions, Chizuru Mizuhara, such lifestyle was nothing new to her. In fact, Chizuru worked so hard that she has gotten sick on occasions due to her overworked schedule. Nevertheless, she kept pushing on despite such hardship. As expected from the best girl Chizuru Mizuhara.

4. She Is Cute When Angry

Chizuru Mizuhara best girl - Chizuhara pouting

When Chizuru Mizuhara is mad, rather than scary, she is the cutest being alive. You’re not even hearing any of the arguments and points she’s making. It’s like watching a chipmunk throwing a fit with its chubby cheeks. Simply. Adorable.

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3. She Is Sweet And Caring

Chizuru Mizuhara best girl - Chizuhara cooking

Despite not knowing Kazuya Kinoshita’s grandmother personally, Chizuru decided to remain his fake girlfriend in order to please Kazuya’s family. Remember they were both strangers at the time. Also, remember that one scene where Chizuru got mad on behalf of Kazuya when his ex bad-mouthed him? If this is not a sign of an extremely caring and empathetic girl, I don’t know what is…

2. Her Rental Girlfriend Skills Are Top-Notched

Chizuhara Rent Girlfriend Skills - Acting Skills

Chizuru Mizuhara’s acting skills and rental girlfriend skills comes hand in hand. It’s safe to say that she performs her duty perfectly, from showing the perfect facial expressions, to the perfect phrases a girlfriend should utter. Such reasons were the reason Chizuru is the beloved best girl in the first place!

1. The Smile We Must Protect

Chizuru Mizuhara has the smile we must all protect

There’s just something incredibly charming about that smile of her. Evidently, those who deemed Chizuru Mizuhara as best girl is well aware of this fact. It is something that Chizuru’s fans must protect!

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That concludes the 5 Reasons Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Best Girl. Whether it be her perfect acting skills, her sweet and caring personality, as well as possessing the cutest smile, she is everything that all Otakus yearned for. Ultimately, Chizuru could be deemed as the perfect Waifu within the entire Kanojo Okarishimasu series. If you haven’t checked out Kanojo Okarishimasu, or Rent-a-Girlfriend, I really recommend it since you will definitely enjoy every moment of the show.

As for those who thinks Chizuru is best girl, do you agree with the points above? What made you fell for her in the first place? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment sections below!

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