Steins Gate, a thrilling time travel anime, remains one of the best anime of all time. Indeed, aside from its amazing plot, Steins Gate throws at you quite a large number of cultural phrases and real-life references. In fact, there is so much reference in this show that it’s impossible to cover them all in one binge sitting. Nevertheless, today, I will be listing the 5 most interesting facts I learned from watching Steins Gate.

Hope you enjoy reading these facts as much as I enjoy discovering them!

5. SERN Is A Real Organization

steins gate real life reference - SERN is CERN

Yes, you haven’t misread the heading.

In Steins Gate, SERN is depicted as an all-evil organization that has taken control of the world through the timer machine’s power.

In truth, SERN, also known as CERN in real life, is in fact a European Nuclear Research Organization known for its world-class research facilities.

From the Proton Synchroton, Antiproton Decelerator, to The Large Hadron Collider, these equipment allow CERN to conduct world-leading particle physics experiments.

However, seems like CERN haven’t managed to create a tiny black hole like in Steins Gate. Though, the possibilities are certainly there.

4. @Channel Stands For 2Channel

@Channel steins gate - interesting facts steins gate

Ever heard of Japanese Reddit? Then behold 2Channel.

Also known as 5Channel, 2Channel was a message board network founded in 1999. Ideally, Steins Gate mentions of @Channel are in fact a reference to 2Channel itself.

In fact, if you are not well versed in Japanese, you might have missed the occasional meme references which originated from the real-life 2Channel itself – and from JoJo.

Pretty crazy stuff if you ask me!

3. John Titor Is A True Story

John Titor - steins gate real life reference - interesting facts

In Steins Gate, John Titor was a self-proclaimed time traveler who initially appeared on @Channel.

Unsurprisingly, John Titor was also based on a real story.

Back in 2000, John Titor was a name used across multiple messaging boards claiming he was an American time traveler from the year 2036.

His mission was to obtain the IBM 5100 that was invented in 1975 to fix an unknown machine-failure in the future. Sound familiar yet?

Until this day, we are still unsure whether John Titor was a real person or a hoax. However, evidently, his legends yet remain.

2. May Queen NyanNyan Is Based On A Real Cafe

May Queen NyanNyan is Mailish cafe - steins gate anime reference

Within Steins Gate, May Queen NyanNyan was the maid cafe where Faris and Mayuri worked. It also happens to be the place where Daru often hangs out.

And to no surprise, May Queen NyanNyan was also based on a real life maid-cafe named Cafe Mailish.

What I love about this real-life reference is that the art depiction in Steins Gate was incredibly accurate to how the actual cafe looked.

1. IBM 5100 Really Have A Secret Feature

5 interesting facts from steins gate - IBM 5100 had a hidden feature

Possessing a special feature, the IBM 5100 played a very significant role within Steins Gate. For Okabe and his lab members, the machine held the power to ultimately cracked SERN’s secrets.

Now comes the real-life reference y’all are waiting for. In fact, the IBM 5100 was an old retro PC introduced in 1975. And yes, it also has a secret feature.

At the time, most computers can only run on the BASIC language. However, the IBM 5100 has the ability to run and decode both BASIC and APL.

Ultimately, this feature made the IBM 5100 a perfect tool to reverse-engineer futuristic machines.

This feature was in fact hidden from the public due to fear of competitors and was only publicly announced much later.


Ultimately, Steins Gate contains a multitude of real-life references, covering from memes, facts, to a legendary time traveler. I know, there are a lot more facts and references that I haven’t covered in this list. However, I thought of these 5 as the most significant to know story-wise. In fact, it’s impossible to cover all the facts Steins Gate thrown at you as a first-timer. So for those who haven’t done so, I really suggest you rewatching the series.

So, what did you think about these facts? Did I miss anything important? Most important of all, were you surprised by any of the facts listed above? If so, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!! Till then~

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