Ishigami Senku, one of the main protagonists from Dr. Stone, has left quite a hefty impression on me due to his intelligent nature. Trust me, I was on a constant quest to find a similar character after finishing Dr. Stone. Through watching lots of anime for years on ends, fortunately, I was finally able to compile a list of anime characters possessing similar personality traits and skills to those of Senku’s in Dr. Stone. I hope you all enjoy this list!!

Yagami Light

Yagami Light - Death Note

Death Note

Yagami Light was one of the most iconic anime characters in terms of intelligence and strategic planning. Similar to Ishigami Senku and Tsukasa, Light must wage a long and difficult battle against L, an extremely clever investigator. Light, through his wittiness, was able to successfully disguise as an investigator alongside L. Being able to hide from such a specialized force is no easy feat, considering Light was Kira himself… He may as well be the most genius criminal mastermind to ever be invented.

Rintarou Okabe

5 Anime Characters Similar to Ishigami Senku - Dr. Stone - Rintarou Okabe , Steins; Gates

Steins; Gates

Similar to Ishigami Senku, Rintarou Okabe was a man of science. As a self-proclaimed “Mad Scientist”, he was extremely intrigued by the idea of time travel, a very “Mad Scientist” thing. While Okabe is not showcased as the witty and smart leader similar to Ishigami Senku, he did, after all, reached Steins; Gates; an alternate worldline where his loved ones were ultimately saved. While the concept of Time Paradox, Alternative Worldline, and Butterfly Effect is way over the heads for some, for Rintarou Okabe, his very own lives depend on these very concepts. Aren’t those evidence for his intelligence and motto of “never give up“: similar to Ishigami Senku?

Shinichi Kudo

5 Anime Characters Similar to Ishigami Senku - Dr. Stone - Schinichi Kudo - Case Closed

Case Closed

For a seemingly average high school student, Shinichi Kudo is extremely smart. After all, he was the actual detective behind the overbearing fame of Detective Mouri. With great observational skills, a broad knowledge for apparently trivial knowledge, and a witty and clever mind, Shinichi is very similar to Ishigami Senku. Though the young detective certainly does not possess similar scientific knowledge to Senku, they both are smart and charismatic characters who make great leaders. Seriously though, what more can you expect from an average high schooler… or an elementary schooler…

Kenzou Tenma

5 Anime Characters Similar to Ishigami Senku - Dr. Stone - Kenzou Tenma - Monster


Kenzou Tenma is a slightly unique character in comparison to Senku. He was not as smart, nor as charismatic as the mad scientist. However, similar to Senku, Tenma waged a dragged-out battle against Johan who arguably proved to be a formidable opponent. The former surgeon struggled with an immeasurable identity crisis and encountered multiple roadblocks along his difficult journey. In a way, he and Senku was no different. In order to defeat Tsukasa, Senku must build up an entire nation from scratch and invent numerous impossible scientific tools. They both struggled, worked hard, and ultimately, came close to what they yearned to achieve.

Lelouch vi Britannia

5 Anime Characters Similar to Ishigami Senku - Dr. Stone - Lelouch vi Britannia - Code Geass

Code Geass

Lelouch vi Britannia is yet another symbolic anime character who showcased a brutal yet efficient leadership. Similar to Ishigami Senku, Lelouch’s strongest point was not through manpower but through strategies and clever ploys used to outmatch his political opponents. Arguably, I might even consider him the smarter version of Ishigami Senku, not in the name of science, but in the name of leadership and strategic plannings. In some ways, Lelouch’s power of Geass was similar to Senku’s power of science within the stone age. It was simple, yet revolutionary! Without it, Lelouch would be unable to infiltrate the enemy bases, obtain valuable information, and assassinate political assets of the opposing force. Lelouch and Senku may as well be the same character in different settings.


So there you have it. This is the ultimate list for anime characters similar to Ishigami Senku. What does this mean? Well, if you love Ishigami Senku, I can ten billion percent guarantee that you will love these 5 anime characters. Now, go and binge their anime to your heart content!!

For the more experienced anime viewers, are you satisfied with this list?? Perhaps you have a character that you love to insert and replace?? Feel free to share your opinion and thoughts in the comment section below!!

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