Since the advent of anime, it has grown into a vast and major market. Anime is a medium consisting of every imaginable genre for its huge fan-base. Whether you are a fan of action, horror, or romance, there is always a show for everyone. However, mixed within the generic themed anime, there are shows known as the ‘hidden gem’. Indeed, these are anime that provide tremendously vital effects for its audiences. Below is the list of 5 Anime That Can Teach Its Audience Significant Life Changing Messages. Let’s begin!!

NHK ni Youkoso!

Never Be Afraid Of Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Tatsuhiro Satou was a 22 years old college drop-out who ultimately struggled to venture outdoor. Furthermore, he genuinely believed that the work of an evil organization named NHK was behind his shut-in NEET life. After Satou’s fateful encounter with Misaki, a mysterious girl who decided to help him escape his Hikikomori lifestyle, life for Satou was never quite the same.

NHK ni Youkoso itself is a unique anime that presents some of the darkest and deepest themes possible to its viewers. Similar to some issues of modern society, the anime provides an insight into life as a shut-in NEET. Why do these people have no motivation in life? Were there particular reasons for their fear of modern social interactions?

Ultimately, NHK ni Youkoso compromised of a meaningful message to all youths watching the show. Essentially, one does not have to be a Hikikomori or shut-in to gain the benefits of the show. Life sometimes can seem somewhat routinely and undeniably boring. Perhaps NHK ni Youkoso will show viewers how to expand their horizons and go beyond their limits!!

Clannad: After Story

Be Strong When Things Get Tough

Following the previous events of Clannad, Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa were finally married. Though their initial ‘honeymoon’ phase might last, the couple knew there were many challenges and difficulties to overcome.

As an emotional roller coaster, Clannad: After Story essential taught viewers to appreciate kindness and good deeds. Despite going undergoing life challenges, Tomoya tried his best to fulfill the needs of his loved ones. As a husband and a father, he must be able to adapt to new and difficult emotions without being severely overwhelmed.

As the viewer, we see the characters struggled and failed. However, we never see them give up. Through spectacular character development, the series genuinely urges its viewers to remain tough no matter what life throws at them. Really, what could be a more powerful and meaningful message?


One Does Not Accomplish Greatness Through Obedience

In the 22nd century, crime rates in Japan have drastically dropped due to the Sibyl System. Using the Psycho-Pass meter, the system is able to identify potential criminals and stop crimes before it happens. However, Akane Tsunemori, a new Public Safety Bureau’s inspector, soon realizes that the Sibyl System is not at all perfect.

Tsunemori, along with her teams of loyal latent criminals, wishes to change the state of the Sibyl System. She gets in trouble with law enforcement and gotten herself in dangerous situations numerous times. However, who is willing to make a difference for a better world besides Tsunemori herself?

Through the unreasonable judgment of the Sibyl System, Psycho-Pass strongly encouraged its viewers to challenge societal norms. Law exists to protect its citizens. However, bad laws should be challenged and changed. In fact, revolutions made up the world today. What if Abraham Lincoln never fought for slavery? What if the Civil War never occurred? If bad laws were not challenged, the world would never have changed for the better.

One Punch Man

Never Undermine The Quiet Ones

Saitama, after going through rigorous training and losing all his hair, has transformed into a seemingly invincible being. As a hobby, asides from daily grocery shopping, he goes around beating monsters to keep his neighborhood safe. However, after an encounter with Rank-S hero Genos, Saitama decided to join the Hero Association to become an official hero.

Though Saitama’s power is never fully recognized. Evidently, the man is probably more powerful than the Hero Association combined. Despite this, unlike other shallow and fake heroes, Saitama does not prioritize fame but rather the world’s safety more than anything. To us, he truly is our only hero!!

Similar to modern society, a boisterous and active ‘fool’ is more noticeable than a quiet and aloof ‘genius’… And I am not saying that all boisterous and active people are fools. In fact, the more active people are out there gaining recognition. While the quiet ones avoid conflicts and are mesmerized in their own world. The bottom line is: never underestimate that one quiet and aloof person. Heck, it might even be Saitama for all we know…

And most importantly…


Never Give Up…(in general)

Kuroki Tomoko lives the life of a classic awkward and introverted person. While possessing a love for high-school simulation games, Tomoko also aspired to live the life of a ‘popular’ person. Along with support from her loved ones, the young girl is well on the way to achieving her goal. Or at least that’s what she thinks…

Though Watamote is general a hilarious and comedic anime, it does also contains dark themes. For some, Tomoko’s awkwardness and fear of social interactions are extremely relatable. Indeed, it can be difficult to break out of that shell. And yes, first impressions do matter, contrary to some might say.

However, on a positive note, Watamote strongly encouraged its viewers to never give up on any aspects of their lives. Tomoko never gave up on her ultimate dream. In her own ways, she really is giving it her best to become more popular. For the characters within the manga, perhaps Tomoko’s attempt was indeed fruitless. But in reality, we can take away a life-changing message from her efforts alone.


For some, anime might simply be an entertainment medium to pass time. However, these hidden gems might really make you reconsider the way you think about anime… And life in general. Ultimately, these shows taught us significant life messages. And if you have not watched the anime listed here, please do yourself a favor and start now. You will learn a lot, I promise!!

Are there any more anime that you might consider putting on this list? Or perhaps you interpreted the anime on this list differently? If so, feel free to share in the comment section below!!

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