As anime become a widespread media, its fanbase also grow gradually as time progress. Despite others classifying anime fans as merely Otaku or Weaboos, in truth, there are actually many different types of anime fans. Evidently, different people approach anime with different mindset. Today, I will be listing the 10 types of Anime Fans that I have come across over the years as an anime fan myself. Hopefully, throughout this article, you get to discover what type of anime fan you are.

So sit back and enjoy this silly article!

10. The Beginner

my next life as a villainess: all routes lead to doom - types of anime fans
My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom

Ahh, The Beginner, we certainly have all know or met someone who fits into this category. They are those who have just barely started watching anime, and are the ones who is willing to learn about the culture but often times get trivial facts wrong.

They get hooked on shows such as Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, and Demon Slayer, only to be craving more anime to watch. These viewers are pure and innocent, unable to form their own opinions on a show.

As a result, they tends to get sway by the views and thoughts of others. And whenever they discuss about anime, you could have sworn that their opinions were already stated by some famous YouTuber.

But well, that person is a beginner, no hard feelings there. Unfortunately, this phase will not last long as anime tends to be consumed at an absurd, beginner, rate.

Favorite Anime: Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art Online

9. The Normie

this art club has a problem! - types of anime fans
This Art Club Has a Problem!

The Normie are those who are quick to call themselves anime fans despite completing merely 5 shows or so. Maybe they have watched some Naruto and Dragon Ball as a kid, and suddenly, out of nowhere, they think of themselves as anime experts.

You certainly have met these types of anime fans somewhere. At social events, mall, you know, somewhere outside. They definitely are NOT the most introverted people.

Upon contact, you will soon realize that as a knowledgeable anime fan, these Normies will attempt to take some of those brain cells. They spout nonsensical anime facts with great confidence, and you just can’t seem to keep up, no matter what…

But how do you know if you spot a normie? Well, they often times watch dub anime, only watch mainstream anime, and only know of Bleach as the Netflix Adaptation. You know where this is going…

Favorite Anime: Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball, Pokemon

8. The Ultimate Sage

bleach old man - types of anime fans

Contrary to the Normie, the Ultimate Sage are fans who are extremely knowledgeable about anime. It was as if they have been watching anime their entire life.

Ultimately, the Ultimate Sage knows no bounds in anime knowledge, and are constantly learning new things. If they’re not watching anime, they would probably be reading manga or light novel. Else, they are probably playing some visual novels, or JRPG unknown by others.

For these Ultimate Sage, having an anime list of merely 400 anime was only the beginning. So if you’re bored, or a beginner within the anime community, come to them for anime recommendations. You will get what you want, I promise!

Favorite Anime: Clannad, Code Geass, Steins Gate

7. The Weeaboo

brynhildr in the darkness - akihabara
Brynhildr in the Darkness

The Weeaboo are the anime fans who are in love with the Japanese culture due to the effects of too much anime. Their most ambitious wish is to travel to Japan, especially Akihabara, and purchase the godly merchandises.

You definitely heard of these anime fans. They study Japanese on Rosetta stone for 1 week, and with their broken Japanese, attempt to apply and speak it in everyday mannerism.

Why study Japanese you might ask? Well, it’s all so they can watch anime without subtitles, an important mission for those who wish to live in Japan altogether!

Favorite Anime: InoBato, Chunnibyou

6. The Shounen Enthusiast

hunter x hunter - shounen enthusiast anime fan
Hunter x Hunter

The Shounen Enthusiast is exactly as the title stated. This type of anime fan is not afraid of missing out, and despite what anyone says, they seemed to only watch long Shounen series.

Particularly, they seem to appreciate fast-paced fight scenes, the friendships induced power-ups, and the explosive growth of the main characters.

Ultimately, The Shounen Enthusiasts are the more carefree and nonchalant ones within the anime community. They take anime less seriously than everyone else, and could not care less about the fanbase drama.

But, it’s a hard fact that they love Shounen, and nothing will ever change that!

Favorite Anime: One Piece, Fairy Tale, Hunter x Hunter

5. The Merchs Collector / Cosplayer

nyaruko: crawling with love! - the merch collector anime fan - anime merchandise - anime figures
Nyaruko: Crawling With Love!

As the name suggests, The Merchs Collector loves collecting anime merchs. They are active cosplayers and are often seen in Anime Convention spending a fortune on figures and collectibles.

These guys are extremely knowledgeable about the franchise themselves. Some may even say they are experts in their field. They love hanging up anime posters, and their shelves contain a seemingly infinite quantity of anime figures themselves.

Additionally, these anime fans does not limit themselves to one merchs. Some might love figures, while others love collecting katana. It’s safe to say that their taste definitely varies.

Spotting this types of anime fan is, indeed, not difficult at all. Unless they have a hidden sacred room of some sort, if you see a full shelf of anime goodies, then you have found your Merch Collector!

Favorite Anime: Fate Series, Love Live, Gundam

4. The Closet Weeb

wotakoi: love is hard for otaku - the closet weeb
Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

As the name suggested, this type of anime fan is extremely secretive about their anime hobby. You wouldn’t think of them as people who watch and are obsessed with anime by any means.

They lead a normal social life, and sometimes, can even come off as cool. However, as soon as nobody is around, they would start bingeing anime like no tomorrow. Or perhaps, even try to finish the new Attack on Titan manga chapter, complete their Visual Novel game, you know, anime stuff.

When caught in the act, they will blame it on a complicated system glitch that launches Crunchyroll out of nowhere. Mysterious right? Evidently, modern technology is all to blame.

And like all Closet Weebs will say, “I-It’s not like… I like anime or anything.. mph!!”

Favorite Anime: One Punch Man, No Game No Life, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

3. The Industry Standard

shirobako anime - the industry standard anime fans

The Industry Standard are also known as anime producers wannabe. They watch anime as a way to learn about their production. Ultimately, this type of fan watch anime for merely one reason – to break into the anime industry.

These are the types of people who wanted work for anime.

  • Animators
  • Voice Actors
  • Illustrators
  • Mangaka

You name it!

Aside from the amazing plots that anime has to offer, these fans are able to analyze anime like a true expert. From different camera angles to animation techniques, they will never fail to amaze you with their in-depth knowledge.

Favorite Anime: Shirobako, Bakuman, Eizouken

2. The Content Creators

bakuman - the content creator

The Content Creators are those who utilize their creativity for content relating to anime. They watch anime as a way to deliver exciting content to others, with the goal of entertaining, mentor, and more.

Some of these types of fans include:

  • YouTubers
  • Bloggers
  • Podcasters
  • Authors

Whatever comes to mind about creation, then definitely think of these guys. The form of content does not matter, as long as it’s related in anime in some ways.

Ultimately, these guys are the ones shaping the anime community, whether for better or worse. In a way, they are the anime influencers!

And more often than not, fans will take after these content creator’s opinions about a certain subject.

Favorite Anime: Bakemonogatari, 3-Gatsu no Lion, Konosuba

1. The Elitist

the elitist - toxic within the anime community
My First Girlfriend is a Gal

The last type of anime fan I would like to mention is The Elitist. These guys usually think of themselves as having superior taste to everyone else and generally disregard those who disagree.

More often than not, The Elitists are extremely toxic within the anime community, shunning those who held an opposing view from them. One wrong move and they will start throwing insults and belittling your narrow and s*** taste for anime.

Want to know how to spot an anime Elitist? Here are the sure tell signs:

  • They discourage new anime fans by belittling their naive knowledge
  • Think of themselves as having the superior taste to everyone else
  • Show no hesitation to attack those who held different views

Generally, these are fans you don’t want to come in contact with. Whether it be on social forums such as Reddit, or in real life.

Favorite Anime:


And that concludes the list of 10 types of anime fans that I have come across with over the years of my Otaku adventure. Hopefully, you were somewhat able to identify yourself as one of the type above, as well as recognizing the diversity of the anime fan base. In truth, I feel that as people approach anime in different ways, that is precisely why the anime community is such an interesting place. Despite having its own share of negatives, with the rising popularity of anime in the West, the community will definitely support one another and change for the better.

If you have any questions, or feel that I have left out any types of anime fans, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below! Other than that, happy anime watching my fellow anime fans!!

An anime enthusiast who writes about things he likes